It is really not easy to say when is the best time to tour China, mainly because itis truly a vast nation with wide territory. Through the frozen months to the hottest months, diverse parts of China will show people unique charms of this nation.

Ordinarily, except some particular destinations like Harbin, the advised months to visit in China are from April to October. Throughout this period, the weather in most parts of China is enjoyable. It gives you a fantastic condition to take lovely pictures.

In this article we'd prefer to share some tips on the best time to visit China, aiming to assist you preparing your China tours:

The North Part of China:
The cold winter
may likely bring about a comparative unsatisfied travel throughout this region, but people plan to experience world of snow can think about this region. Attempt to stay away from the spring time to visit here. The sandstorm could make you loose moods to travel around. Summers and autumns would be the golden time to visit, plentiful rainfalls fresh the air while the splendid scenery will represent their highlights through these seasons.

The Central Parts of China:
Depending on the weather condition within this region, we
recommend that June through August is truly a great time to visit central. Despite the fact that the spring and autumn days are nice options to come, please don't forget to prevent the peak time that cause by Chinese public holidays in some destinations.

The Eastern Parts of China
Due to the comparative enjoyable natural conditions and also the better developed paces within the eastern parts of China, cities throughout this region may well travel all year around. Perfect time to travel is also spring to autumn, particularly in April, May, June, Sep, and Oct. One particular matter need to be paid attention is the fact that rainy days is going to be much more frequent.

The Southern Parts of China
Owing to the high temperatures in southern parts of China, spring and autumn would be the preferred months for travel in this region. In spring period, warm air, green trees and colorful flowers create the regions vigorous. In autumn days, the cool air, clean rivers and grand mountains impress people deeply

the kind of tourists who love adventurous tours, the shoulder season (around March and April) along with the low season (from November to the winter months) are rewarded to go with surprisingly low prices and far fewer fellow tourists.

High seasons in China:
Labor Day (May 1, 3 days duration)
National Day (October 1, 7 days duration)
University Holidays: Summer holiday (June-September) and Winter holiday (January-February)


The Great Wall


West Lake

The Forbidden City

Suzhou Gardens

Yellow Mountain

Yangtze River

Sun Moon Lake

The Imperial Summer Resort

The Terracotta Army