Inclement weather can quickly turn that round of golf you have spent all week looking forward to into a terrible grind. But there are ways of minimizing the damage that wet weather can cause to your round. By following these simple tips, you too can outplay the elements and play golf to the best of your ability.

Keep Your Hands And Grips Dry

The most important interaction between the club and the body is through the hands. If either the hands or the club grips become wet, it is almost impossible to keep a proper grip on the club which will result in the clubface twisting in your hand. This twisted club will strike the ball with an extremely open club face, causing the ball to scoot hard right (for right handers). The best way to keep your hands and grips dry is to keep your bag dry with a cover or umbrella, have dry towels on hand to wipe your grips vigorously with, which will help to make your grips extra tacky and to keep a collection of gloves in your bag especially for rainy days. I find that old gloves you were going to throw away work perfectly for this task. Often in true wet conditions you may only get a couple of holes out of a glove before it is too wet to continue. These old gloves may not be in good enough condition to last a full 18 holes but I bet they can last a while longer in your bag if they are only being used for a couple of holes in wet conditions.

Invest In Quality Wet Weather Gear.

Comfort is a major consideration when playing in wet weather. Quality wet weather golfing clothing will ensure all but the extremities remain comfortable and dry. Today's wet weather will no longer make you look like "The Michelin Man", it is fashionable and yet does not restrict the golf swing.

Take More Club, Take More Club, Take More Club.

Everything is contributing to make sure that your ball will not travel as far as it normally would. Even from a perfect lie, some water will collect between the club face and ball at impact, causing less power to be transferred from the golf club to the ball. If the ball is in the rough, the wet grass will grab the club much more significantly then in dry conditions, reducing your club head speed. Even after you have made contact with the ball, wet conditions will ensure you don't achieve your normal distance. The atmosphere is heavier than normal, creating more air resistance which limits distance and then the wet, spongy ground will stop any roll once the ball lands. To counter this problem, you need to leave your ego in the bag and take more club. Even if you end up taking more club then you actually needed you are unlikely to be penalised as the wet greens and surrounds will ensure the ball won't move once it lands. Your motto in the rain should be "take more club and if in doubt, take some more".

Know The Rules Of Golf And Use Them To Your Advantage

Golf is hard enough at the best of times and often the rules seem unnecessarily unfair. But in wet conditions, you can sometimes use the rules to your advantage. Outside of marked water and lateral hazards you are entitled to a free drop, no closer to the hole if your ball or your stance is in casual water. All you need for casual water is; if you press your foot down hard and you water comes to the surface, your can declare casual water. You can use this to your advantage on wet days to possibly take free relief away from trees, posts and other hazards to more favourable areas. Also remember on the green that you should never have to putt through puddles. If there is standing water anywhere on the line of your intended putt between your ball and the hole, you are entitled to move you ball to the nearest point on the green, no nearer the hole, without penalty and make your putt from there. This is true even if you end up having to take your putt from the complete opposite side of the hole if the green is that wet!

Keep The Rain Off Your Face But Especially From Your Eyes

Rain, especially if it is warm, can be somewhat comfortable to play in. But no matter the temperature it is never comfortable if you have rain in your eyes. With the standard stance with either a putter or a longer club having the players head down, water will naturally travel via gravity from the top of the head to the players eyes, making it difficult to see the ball and concentrate fully. A simple brimmed cap will have the rain run down the brim and drop safely away from the players face, making it much easier to stay focussed while standing over the golf ball as they play their shot.


By investing in some quality golf rain suits and following these practical tips, you too can look forward to instead of dreading your next round of golf in the rain

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