There are a ton of benefits to choosing a set of tires rated for high MPG; improved gas mileage, longer lasting tire tread, and less wear and tear on your vehicle are only a few of the upsides! However, “high” is a subjective term, so different people will classify different amounts of miles per gallon as being “high”.

For instance, person A may choose a set of tires by BFGoodrich that are known to have a rating of 18 MPG because they think that it is “high”; however, person B may choose a set of tires by Firestone that have a rating of 31 MPG because they think that it is “high”. I am not a tire expert; however, I have driven with and looked at the specifications of many different sets of tires. This article is geared towards opening your eyes to the best tires to use on your car or truck to get a high mile per gallon rating!

BFGoodrich Premier Touring-26.5 MPGBFGoodrich Long Tail All Season TireCredit:

BFGoodrich is known for producing car tires that have the best traction to the road. They accomplish this by incorporating the softest rubber, and the best tread patterns into their tires. Soft rubber means that the tire “sticks” to the road better, which translates to an increased traction. The Premier Touring set of tires by BFGoodrich has an MPG rating of 26.5. This is not the highest possible MPG that tires can have, but it is extremely good! I believe that the BFGoodrich Premier Touring are the best tires rated for high MPG that will also provide the car with great road traction!

Firestone Precision Touring-26.8 MPG

Firestone has been known as one of the best tire companies in the automotive industry for over 10 years! The thing that makes Firestone one of the best companies to buy your tires from is the fact that they make tires of all shapes, sizes, and styles! WhethDunlop Grandtrek AT20 All Season TireCredit: Amazon.comer you are looking for a set of low profile 16 inch tires for your sports car or a set of thick 19 inch tires for your pickup truck, Firestone will surely have something for you!

The Firestone Precision Touring tires have the second highest MPG rating (out of all of the ones that are featured in this article); they will allow your car to travel while using up the least amount of gas! The downside to installing these Firestone tires onto your rims is that your car will not have good traction in the rain!

General AltiMAX RT-27.0 MPG

General tires are not the best looking models on the market; however, they have the highest MPG rating out of all of the tires that are listed throughout this article! Being rated at 27MPG, there is virtually no reason that you should not choose these tires for your car! This specific benefit of using these tires is that they use a rough feeling rubber.

The grainy rubber that is used in these General AltiMAX tires allows them to have improved traction in the rain! These are some of the safest tires to put onto your car because they will help you to keep control in one of the most dangerous elements for driving: rain. The only thing that I should tell you about these tires is that they are pretty expensive!

Yokohama Avid Touring S-26.8 MPG

Yokohama has developed a positive reputation through releaYokohama ENVigor All Season TireCredit: Amazon.comsing their lines of sporty tires; they are well known for their low profile tires! Most people automatically associate tires rated for low MPG with sports cars; however, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a high MPG in a car that boasts 400 horsepower to the wheels! Purchasing this specific set of Avid Touring tires by Yokohama will boast a whopping 26.8 MPG. This makes them some of the highest rated tires in terms of MPG; moreover, you will have the reassurance of them being backed by the brand reputability and customer service that Yokohama offers!

Whether you are looking for the most expensive tires on the market, or a budget set of tires to last you 2 years, you should always consider the MPG rating that is associated with the tires! Not only will tires rated for high MPG save you money on gas, but they will also not wear as easily. Buying new tires for your car can be relatively expensive, especially if you opt to buy some low profile models that offer the best traction. However, keeping your eyes open for some deals on some of the tires by Yokohama, Firestone, BFGoodrich, and General will yield some amazing results!

At the end of the day, safety should come first when you are choosing a set of tires to put onto your car! However, choosing some of the best tires rated for high MPG will make your car less of a money pit in the long run!