African Pygmy Hedgehogs are playful creates and love having toys to play with an explore. There are a number of different small pet toys available out there on the market and it can be hard to know what your pet will like. In this article I will look at a few sure favourites for African Pygmy Hedgehogs to help you buy the toys they will enjoy.


Exercise Wheel

I'm not sure if this 100% counts as a toy or if you could call it a piece of hedgehog furniture? I don't know, but an exercise wheel is the number item you should be buying your African Pygmy Hedgehog. 

Yes they require a lot of exercise, especially if you're not able to let them out of their cage as much as you'd like, but they really enjoy them too! Hedgehog owners have reported their little hedgies running round on their wheels almost all night long (their nocturnal don't forget). So it would be a shame to deprive your pet of this little treat. 

You should buy a plastic exercise wheel. You can get some great ones on Amazon. The Superpet Silent Spinner is only £14.99 is a 12 inch plastic silent wheel that's perfect for any small pet. It is a good idea to go for a silent one to stop the constant squeaking all night long!

Tubes and Tunnels

African Pygmy Hedgehogs love to tunnel and burrow. It is therefore a great idea to buys them some little tunnels that they can crawl through and provide them with items to hide in. You can buy various different tunnels from pet stores. Any plastic one should be fine and easy to clean should they have an accident or decide it makes a nice loo! Toilet tubes are apparently very popular with little hedgehogs as well and offer a cheap alternative to the pet shop tunnels.

Otherwise be creative. I'm sure there are things that you are chucking out that your African Pygmy Hedgehog would love to crawl through or burrow into.

Balls and Bells

African Pygmy Hedgehogs can entertain themselves with various little balls that they can knock about. How well they take to these will depend on your individual hedgehog but some hedgehog love having balls to move about and knock into. 

Some also like things with bells that will make a noise when they touch them. Even better, combine the two and get a little ball with a bell inside it! You can pick all of these things up from pet stores. They may be labelled for hamsters or another animal but they work just the same with hedgehogs.

Their Owners

Finally, and probably most importantly. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are naturally shy and may take a while to get used to you, their owner. However given time they can really start to enjoy being taken out of their cage and held or played with. This may even because their most entertaining activity of all. Take the time to build a friendly relationship with your hedgehog and you can make sure they are happy and entertained in their cage and out of it.

Hope that helps you with some ideas of things for your pet hedgehogs. Leave a comment if you think I've missed anything out.