Trail cameras can be used as a hobby to get photo's of animals or can be used for scouting and tracking animals for hunting purposes. Trail cameras can be placed just about anywhere in the woods, where they will take pictures based on movement. Then you can come back in a few days and check the photo's.

Trail camera's work great for scouting potential hunting locations, tracking wildlife or for documenting animal growth. Many people also use trail camera's as security devices in their backyards or near sheds and buildings.

Although some cameras can cost quite a bit, the following cameras work great for beginners and are great for staying on budget.

Here's the best trail cameras for under $100 dollars.

Primos Truth Cam 35 Trail Camera

Primos Truth CameraCredit: Truth Cam 35 from Primos is designed to be your eyes in the woods. It comes pre-configured and ready to use with 35 infrared LED's for extremely clear night vision and great daytime shots. All the settings can be adjusted to suit your specific needs or certain conditions. This trail camera can capture both still images and videos and offers a 40 foot night time detection range.

The trigger speed of 1.5 seconds will make sure you wont miss a single shot. All the images are stamped with time, date and moon phase information. The Truth Cam 35 has a nice, thin profile and matrix finish and comes with a molded security cable hole for theft prevention. This camera supports an 8GB SD card for image storage.

Spypoint 5MP 35 infrared LED Digital IR-5 Camera

Spypoint Trail CameraCredit: high quality outdoor camera from Spypoint features a camo paint body and face to really help it blend into it's surroundings. This makes it less obvious to animals and prevents potential theft or damage. The IR-5 produces 5.0 megapixel picture quality with a trigger speed of one second.

The night time illumination features 35 infrared LED's with automatic infrared level adjustment. During the day it produces clear color shots and at night it produces white and black shots along with video options. The distance sensor goes as far as 50 feet and automatically stamps pictures with both date and time information.

Wild Game Innovations Digital Scouting Camera

Wild Game Innovations Digital Trail CameraCredit: game and trail camera from Wild Game Innovations features a 6.0 megapixel camera with 30 infrared emitters that combine to produce high quality pictures and video. This model has an extremely fast trigger speed with a 70 foot capture distance.

The unit can be programmed to stamp photo's with date, time, number and moon phase information. It's powered by 8 AA batteries and can be attached to a tree or stand with the included bungee cords. This unit supports SD cards up to 16GB for large image storage options.