Are you planning a trip? Do you want to manage your travel budget? Want to find out where the best restaurant at your holiday destination is? There are various travel apps available for your Android phone that will help making your trip a more pleasant experience.

Below you will find an overview of the best travel apps available for your Android phone. All apps can be downloaded in the Android Market.

Transport Map

This app offers hundreds of maps for light rail, buses, trams, trains, metro and other public transport networks from all over the world. All maps can be downloaded to your device before you leave, so you do not have to pay expensive data costs abroad.


Tripadvisor is one of the most well-known and most popular travel review sites worldwide, offering more than 35 million reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants, attractions and much more. With the Tripadvisor App you have all this information available in your phone and it is also possible to add your own review or opinion via the app.

Use the GPS functionality on your phone to find nearby places as well as getting directions for walking, driving or public transport. Other features of this travel app include making a to do list, finding cheap flights and participation in forums.


TripIt is considered to be one of the best travel planning apps available in the Android Market. This app saves tourists from searching for all their travel emails and carrying around print-outs.

TripIt puts all your travel plans on your Android. You can email your travel confirmations to TripIt to build a trip itinerary and if you are using Google apps or Gmail, then you also have the option to let TripIt fetch travel itineraries from your inbox automatically. Other features include maps, directions and phone numbers.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter for Android is a fast and simple currency converter, which enables you to track currencies from all over the world and easily convert between the various currencies. This app supports 80 major currencies offering daily exchange rates. Currency Converter for Android also supports offline functionality when you are out of reach of wireless coverage.


Kayak for Android is a free app that you can download in the Android Market that will help you searching for car rentals, flights and hotel rooms. Search results are returned very quickly and this travel app also features an easy to use scrolling calendar.

The Weather Channel

This free weather app shows the current detailed weather conditions at your current location or destination. Features of this Android app include weather maps, sunrise and sunset, UV index, temperature, humidity. The Weather Channel app covers over 1.9 million locations worldwide. One of the remarkable features of The Weather Channel App is integration with Facebook.

Other Android Apps

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