There are various travel apps available for your Apple iPhone that will make your journey a more pleasant experience.

So, if you want to book a flight or hotel room, find the best restaurant in the area, manage your travel budget or find more information about your destination, below you will find a selection of the best travel apps for your iPhone, which can be downloaded in iTunes.


Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel review sites in the world and they have an iPhone app available as well. With this easy to use app you can browse millions of reviews and opinions of restaurants, hotels and attractions. It's also possible to add your own review and/or opinion.

You can use the GPS on your phone to get directions for public transport, walking or driving and you can see what is nearby with 'Near Me Now'. Finding cheap flights is also possible with the Tripadvisor app for iPhones.


Are you looking for a restaurant in a city where you are not familiar? UrbanSpoon is a free iPhone app that helps you to find a restaurant in more than fifty cities worldwide, taking budget, location and type of restaurant into account.

Next Flight

Next Flight is an app that searches for all available flights from all airline carriers and airports worldwide. It is possible to filter by country of origin, destination, airline carrier, departure- and arrival date.

Flight Track

This app for your iPhone enables you to track flights worldwide, including estimated time of arrival, flight delays, cancellations and more.

Currency App

Currency App is a free application for your Apple iPhone and it provides up-to-date information for over 90 currencies and 100 countries. Localizations are provided for the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal).


Kayak for iPhone is a free app that helps you searching for flights, hotels and car rentals. The app features an easy to use scrolling calendar and search results are returned quickly.


GateGuru is one of the leading apps when it comes to information about airports. The app covers over 115 airports across the United States, Canada and Europe and shows you what is available in terminals and where you can find it. GateGuru also features reviews from users, so you get independent recommendations which shops, restaurants and bars to visit in your terminal.


Metro is a free guide for your iPhone to public transport systems worldwide. The Metro app covers more than 400 cities. The application is currently available in English and French, but more languages will be added in the future.

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