The best travel coffee mugs for sale include a few top models from many well known and respected brands like Thermos, Contigo, and Oxo.  These travel mugs are all designed to be high quality mugs with superior thermal insulation.  Many have double walled insulation and use proprietary insulation technologies such as the TherMax insulation used by Thermos.

Of course there are many different types of travel coffee mugs that you could buy including plastic mugs, ceramic or porcelain mugs, or stainless steel but these mugs are a good balance between the best features on the market in the stainless steel variety without increasing the price range into the extreme.  Most good travel mugs won’t be sold for less than $10 but you can usually find an extremely good coffee mug for less then $30 and sometimes under $20.

Travel Coffee Mug Features To Look For

Some of the best travel coffee mug features to look for simply aren’t present in cheap mugs.  Many appear to have these features implemented but simply don’t or they have inferior implementation or poor materials.  The best travel mugs will be both insulated and leak proof.  The best mugs however will be double insulated and capable of keeping your drinks temperature for hours at a time, they will be durable and long lasting, they will be able to be cleaned and maintained easily, and they will truly be leak proof rather than just leak resistant or even worse splash proof.

Good travel coffee mugs may do really well on several of these fronts but addresses all of them.  You can usually find some good travel mugs that hold temperature constant for many hours.  Many of these same mugs are usually very good in containing leaks and drips as well however only the best mugs usually incorporate lasting durability and easy maintenance as well.  The the best travel mug that I know of is leak proof because of its superior lid design which not only seals leaks but also comes apart for thorough cleaning, which can extend the life of the mug.  This is an excellent feature that only the best travel mugs have.

Other types of travel mugs have a few other features which are important.  Ceramic travel mugs need to have a good lid to be worth their money.  It’s really not much of a travel mug if the lid isn’t there or doesn’t work well.  Finding a ceramic mug with silicone lid that is of high quality is very important.  Similarly ceramic mugs need to have top quality insulated hand protection from the heat.  Some mugs come with a silicone band that wraps around the mug insulating the heat of the mug from your hand, others use materials like either which work but can make for difficulty in cleaning.  Still other ceramic mugs are designed with a double wall providing some insulation to your hand.

In the case of plastic mugs the most important feature to look for when it comes to quality is whether or not the plastic is BPA free or not.  A good mug will cost more but if it is BPA free and the quality of craftsmanship is high enough then the mug may be worth spending money on.  These mugs will rarely be as insulated and durable as a top stainless travel mug but they will be much better options than the dollar store mugs which are made cheaply from cheap materials.

The Best Travel Coffee Mugs For Sale Online

So What are the best travel mugs for sale online and how much do they cost?  There no doaubt are some ridiculously good travel mugs made for very specialty uses which cost an arm and a leg, some of these mugs illustrate this point perfectly however the best mugs which are of the highest value to the most amount of people are probably a few top quality and top selling mugs manufactured by Thermos, Contigo, and Oxo.

Thermos Stainless King Travel Mug

Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee HotThe Thermos Stainless King travel mug is my favorite mug for many of the above mentioned reasons.  It holds coffee hot for well over five hours, actually for the better part of a day if you let it sit that long and it won’t leak even if you seal it and flip it upside down.  Being made of stainless steel and incorporating a high tech lid that is both insulated and capable of dismantling for cleaning and maintenance it gets my vote as the best travel coffee mug on the market today.

Contigo Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Contigo Double Wall Stainless Steel Travel MugA close follow-up mug is the 16-Ounce Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler by Contigo.  It consistently is one of the best mugs reviewed by customers and appears to be the alternative to the Thermos Stainless King in various opinion reviews.  Similar to the Thermos travel coffee mug it has all the features you might want in a good travel mug and a price tag that is also affordable.  The only thing lacking is that many people want a lid that breaks down for cleaning which this mug doesn’t have but aside from that it is a great contender.

Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug

Oxo Good Grips Liquiseal Travel MugLastly a third option which is another contender for best stainless steel travel mug is the Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug.  This mug, similar to the previous mugs mentioned will hold the temperature of your drinks for hours upon hours and will be essentially leak proof.  It will also fit nicely into any cup holder, has a nice grip, and generally look great but the only thing lacking in this mug is it’s ability to be cleaned effectively.  Cleaning is hard when all the moving parts don’t open and although many people who drink their coffee black may not have too much of a problem with this those that use lots of sugar and/or cream may want to think twice about buying this travel mug.

Of course of these three travel mugs they are all some of the best selling travel mugs of their kind but the best of them all is slightly more expensive than the other two.  Depending on your needs and wants and financial situation you can make the decision for yourself.  The best travel mug for your money is probably the Thermos Stainless King but shop around, you may have other values which are not met as well by this travel coffee mug.