The best travel luggage for women invariably involves getting the most stuff into the fewest bags but the superior set of luggage always has that one extra piece for a few more, extra essentials. While most men are perfectly comfortable “winging it” on a personal or business trip, women will go the extra mile to be ready for any contingency and they are willing to find the right luggage to do the job.

For this reason, every woman should consider a wide variety of travel luggage that will exactly fit the bill for any type of trip from a casual overnight excursion to a preplanned extended vacation. Here are several travel luggage options that will serve any woman well when packing for jaunts, unexpected or otherwise:


pink travel luggage for women

In a Hurry? Here's the Case that Everyone Wants

It's Trendy, Versatile and Affordable

McKleinUSA LA GRANGE 96499 Pink Leather Vertical Detachable-Wheeled Ladies' Briefcase
Amazon Price: $382.50 $152.27 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
This suitcase does it all. It comes with wheels for easy movement through the airport but also detaches when you want to throw it in the car. There is an also an assortment of colors - pink is our favorite. Don't think twice. Buy it now. This is great traveling case.

Best Business Travel Luggage Sets for Women

First Impressions Matter

It is a simple fact of the business world that one’s appearance makes a world of difference in how your colleagues perceive your competence and ability. Whether the meeting is an initial job interview, a sales presentation or just an after work social gathering, looking your best should always be a top priority for the aspiring, working woman.

In many instances, the first glimpse that a potential employee or customer has of you is your entrance into the airport or hotel.The right business travel luggage can make all the difference.When travelling on business, a set of hard case travel luggage is simply the best choice. It will protect your clothes, your laptop and your valuables. While navigation is a little more difficult, this luggage will prove its worth when you close the deal.

Consider these options:


Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate 3 Piece Luggage Set, Love, One Size
Amazon Price: $480.00 $160.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
Outrageously stylish, incredibly durable and, at around $150, completely affordable, this luggage set is the one to own for any woman who spends a lot of time on the road for business. All three cases are waterproof, lock securely and can take an incredible amount of airport abuse. In short, this is the one set to own.
Travelers Choice Luggage Beverly Hills Country Club San Vincente 5 Piece Spinner Set, Red, One Size
Amazon Price: $399.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
When you're looking for maximum storage in the least amount of space. this 5-piece set will comfortably meet your needs. There is plenty of room and you can carry what you want when you want. It's a great set of luggage.

Extravagance Above All Else

We Couldn't Help Ourselves

Crown XX Exclusive Luggage Collection Gold Brush (3 Pc. Set, Gold Brush)
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
This Crown XX set is absolutely stunning. Extremely stylish, it is also made of the latest carbon fibers and aluminum for the least weight. If you can afford these look no further for the best in women's travel luggage.

Best Carry On Travel Luggage Pieces for Women

For the Girl on the Go

When faced with the decision of what to bring, women often tend, appropriately, to bring more formal clothes. There is no doubt that it is always best to be overdressed rather than the opposite. Still, there are times when one needs a casual outfit. Balancing these needs in carry on luggage can be difficult.  

While this reality can cause a significant problem for the unprepared female traveller, there are, fortunately, several solutions for the woman who looks ahead. Nevertheless, the dilemma of traveling with only carry on luggage does exist. Here are a two that combine spacious capacity with quick portability and easy stowage. As a bonus, all are eminently affordable.


Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Carry On Skin, Zebra, Medium
Amazon Price: $160.00 $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
Waterproof, spacious and with zebra stripes; what else could a trendsetting business woman ask for? This carry on is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to travel light with a minimum of fuss at the airport.
Olympia Luggage Luxe 21 Inch Expandable Carry-On Upright Bag, Plum, One Size
Amazon Price: $127.49 $59.12 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
A different sort of bag, this Olympia gives more room for items but can be squeezed into the tightest of spaces. The only drawback is that the items will suffer from all the pressure.

Compact, Overnight Travel Luggage Bags for Women

When Space is at a Premium

Sometimes a quick trip is the solution to all of lives ills. The 21st century woman needs to be ready at all ties to take advantage of these situations whether the invitation is from girlfriends or someone more significant. In short, being ready to go just means having a bag already packed and stashed in your closet. Then, you need only grab the bare essentials and you can be on your way.

Here are a couple of great options for travel luggage for women in this situation. These pieces are as stylish as they are versatile.


Kipling Luggage Sherpa Travel Bag, Espresso, One Size
Amazon Price: $109.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
The Sherpa bag is soft, stylish and can hold quite a bit of the essentials. Always keep this filled and handy when you need a bag for a quick weekend trip.
Roxy Juniors Driftwood Rucksack, Cream, One Size
Amazon Price: $62.00 $37.20 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 6, 2013)
Not as stylish as the Sherpa, it is still funky and fun for trip with the girls. It actually holds more than you would expect. Fill it up and be ready for anything.

What's Really Best?

As you can see from the above choices, there are as many varieties of the best travel luggage for women as there are women. While very broad characterizations can be made, it is really up to the individual to make the final decision. Regardless, choose luggage that displays your personality on the outside bit also allows you the maximum versatility in bringing the right look with you, wherever you go.