This is the best travel mug that won’t leak or dribble.  I’ve been using this mug for nearly four months and it can be sealed and turned upside down for hours and never seems to lose a drop.  If you haven’t seen it I first posted about this travel coffee mug a few months ago in my post: Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot.  In that article I raved about how this mug by Thermos was able to not only hold the temperature of my wife’s tea for an entire seven hour road trip but it was also able to keep it piping hot by the end of the trip; simply incredible.

Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot

The Thermos Stainless King stainless steel travel coffee mug is pretty awesome when it comes to holding the temperature of a drink but apparently it is also amazing at keeping drips and leaks to a minimum, or should I say preventing them altogether.

My wife is finishing up her last year in school and as anyone who goes to school knows traveling from class to class and from building to building is a little difficult when you have a lot of stuff to carry.  Her schooling actually requires her to be on the move even moreso than most students so she’s always had the problem of losing travel mugs.  She sets them down, gathers her things, and then accidentally leaves the mug behind.  This mug however is different.  Even though she is on the move and it’s filled with hot liquid she’s able to just toss this mug into her bag while she’s on the move because it doesn’t leak even when it’s tipped upside down.

The Best Travel Coffee Mug 411

Now obviously just because this is basically a leak proof travel mug doesn mean you should bankg it up just because you can or hold it upside down just because it’s possible.  It still an item that needs to be taken care of but it is well made.

This travel coffee mug is made by Thermos and uses their TherMax insulation which is why it can keep your coffee hot for so long.  It is a double walled stainless steel coffee mug but the lid itself is incredibly high tech.  It is insulated in it’s own right and it secures very tightly with a rubberized seal.  The drinking lip is also very thick and sturdy and the drinking lid seal secures tight enough to stop any leakage even in the worst of circumstances.

Not only that but the entire lid disassembles for easy cleaning and maintenance.  This makes this leak proof travel mug a big hit in our home and should extend it’s useful life.  It is a bit more expensive than any other travel mug we’ve owned but for the insulative qualities and the leak proof appeal it’s hard to think there is a better travel mug out there for the money.  If you haven’t seen it yet, my article on the best travel mug to keep coffee hot goes into more detail but after three months I still think this is the best travel coffee mug money can buy.