More and more people are realizing that they will not be able to just trade up in the current housing market.  It used to be that people could expect to buy a new house every four to six years so if there was something in their current home that they didn’t like then they could always change that with the next place.  This continual upgrading is no longer possible as the housing market has completely stagnated.  With that thought in mind, more and more people are deciding to just upgrade the place they now live in instead of looking for a bigger, more expensive property.

This means many consumers are looking to remodel instead of build or buy.  If they have a basement that is unfinished many home owners opt for turning this into a family room, play room, or even an apartment type space for the teenagers in the family.

Another area that is receiving a lot of attention is the garage.  From just making them into work shops to full fledged apartment projects, the garage is being turned from a space reserved only for parking the car into something the entire family can enjoy.  One of the most pressing questions no matter what the use will be is what should be done with the floor.  Treatments for garage floors were basically unknown until a few decades ago as everyone thought that the concrete slab was meant to be ugly.  After all, the only thing it was used for was as a place to park the car.

There are now many different treatment options for people who are deciding to upgrade all aspects of their garage.  One of the most popular coatings to apply to a floor is an epoxy floor paint.  Epoxies have been used in industrial settings since the 1960’s.  They have been highly prized for their toughness in the most demanding environments including factories and repair shops.  In fact, if you have had your car into a shop, the work performed on your auto was probably done while the mechanic stood on an epoxy covered floor.

Modern epoxy paints can now be tinted any color you want, and with the addition of colored paint chips, you can get a three dimensional multicolored look that is very pleasing.  If you want a great looking floor that will cover up any imperfections then this will be the one for you.  Two days on the weekend can give you a result that you will be proud of for years to come.