Dressing up as your favourite tv show character for Halloween can be an amazing thing to do; however, there are not many True Blood Costumes to choose from. The characters on True Blood are not just regular vampires; they have specific qualities that set them apart from any other television character.

Unfortunately the tv show is not popular enough to have costumes produced of its characters, so you will have to make most of these True Blood costumes yourself. However, don't fret, dressing up as your favourite True Blood character can be much easier than you think. All that you need is some imagination, and these homemade costumes will be the perfect way to impress your friends on Halloween.

Dress Up Like Sookie Stackhouse By Wearing A Merlotte's Bar And Grille T Shirt And Apron

Sookie Stackhouse is a hot blonde vampire that works at a diner, so dressing up as her is much easier when you already have blonde hair. Since she works many hours, she is almost always dressed up in her Merlotte's Bar And Grille uniform. With that being said, you can choose to buy Sookie's diner uniform from Amazon, or make it yourself. Creating your own True Blood costume accessory may seem like a daunting task; however, it can easily be accomplished. Simply follow the steps below, and you will have no problem creating Sookie Stackhouse's diner uniform to wear on Halloween!

-get a white t shirt and print out the Merlotte's Bar And Grille logo. Either iron it or tape it to the top left hand corner of the shirt.

-Get your hands on a green waitress apron, and use a black marker to write down "Merlotte's Bar And Grille" on it!

Remember to take a look on Amazon if you are not into making your own costumes, they will surely have a ton of True Blood Halloween costumes to choose from!

Make Your Own Bill Compton Costume

Bill Compton is one of True Blood's most famous characters, and dressing up as him for Halloween can be as easy as looking like a sleek vampire!

First off, you won't be able to find a Bill Compton Halloween costume online because he looks like a regular person; however, creating your own Halloween rendition of this vampire is the easiest homemade True Blood costume that you can make!

Use these tips to design your own Bill Compton vampire costume to wear on Halloween:

-Grow thick sideburns or get your hands on some fake sideburns and glue them onto the sides of your face!

-Use pale foundation on your face. All of the True Blood costumes require you to dress up like a dead vampire, so pale foundation will do the trick!

-Bill Compton wears dress shirts and deep v neck t shirts. Choose one of the two, and you will be set apart from the other people that are dressed up as a vampire for Halloween.

-Don't forget a set of vampire fangs. They can be purchased for under $5 at nearly any Halloween store, and will take the costume to the next level!

Become Lafayette Reynolds This Halloween

Lafayette Reynolds is one of the most popular True Blood costumes to wear on Halloween...he is the only black vampire on the show. To be honest, this is the easiest tv vampire costume to create because he simply looks like a normal human being (minus the vampire teeth)!

Simply make sure that you wear a doo-rag over your head, and a muscle shirt, and you're good to go in regards to apparel. The only costume accessory that you have to worry about is a set of vampire teeth.

The greatest thing about this True Blood Halloween costume is the fact that you can incorporate it into a group costume setting! Simply have your friends place some vampire bite marks on their necks, and they can be your victims! Many people overlook the use of vampires and victims when it comes to group Halloween costumes; however, they can work!

Eric Northman...One Of The Easiest True Blood Costumes To Pull Off

Are you stuck coming up with a last minute Halloween costume to wear?

If you are, I would highly recommend creating your own Eric Northman costume from the True Blood TV series!

All that is required is a wig (unless you have long straight hair that is parted to the sides), a black dress shirt, and black jeans. Eric is a very good looking vampire, and takes pride in what he wears; however, the thing that sets this costume apart from the other vampire Halloween costumes is the fact that his hair is so unique. Make sure that your are wearing a blonde wig that has long hair that is parted to either side, and you will easily pass for Eric Northman during Halloween!

Eric Northman is one of the easiest True Blood costumes to pull off on Halloween; simply focus on the long blonde hair, and everyone will know which vampire you are dressing up as!