What is Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Tungsten carbide jewelry is essentially a form of titanium which has been crafted to be stronger yet more brittle than its parent metal, titanium. The metal however is not usually desired for its strength it is typically desired because it is a dark metal which is unlike other types of silver jewelry pieces in that it is not very shiny. Not only that but it also tends to cost far less than other forms of jewelry due to it's lesser widespread saturation in the market.

If you want to see tungsten carbide jewelry up close then you best bet is to meander over to the men's wedding band rack. The most popular tungsten carbide jewelry pieces are sold as tungsten carbide wedding bands. These bands have a quite an array of stylizations but are more frequently found in the men's section because of the appeal most men have for the darker metal as opposed to traditional metals such as value gold jewelry.

Tungsten carbide rings are not only made for men but they are most easily found in men's jewelry departments. The tungsten carbide wedding ring is sometimes quite plain and can be used as a simple embellishment piece to any jewelry collection or it can be bought as a uniquely decorative piece. In fact you don't have to buy tungsten carbide rings to get your hands on this unique metal. They do in fact make other types of tungsten carbide jewelry other than rings as well as for women too.

Types of Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Because of the strength of tungsten carbide jewelry it is not that hard to find tungsten carbide watches for both men and women. The stylization can be altered slightly for each gender but the overall generalization of tungsten carbide holds firm; the metal is usually quite dark and the finished pieces looks fairly industrial and quite modern.

Tungsten carbide jewelry can also be found in the bracelet and necklace section of your local jeweler or online jewelry store. Typically the chain is made of tungsten carbide and the embellishments are of a different metal. Sterling silver or gold can be a nice embellishment to tungsten carbide jewelry as can set stones such as diamonds in rings or watches.

The best part about tungsten carbide jewelry however is the price. Because tungsten carbide is such a new metal in jewelry stores it can be purchased for very affordable prices. Unlike other cheap materials tungsten carbide will last for very long periods of time with little to no upkeep and you won't pay more than you would for the cheapest materials in your jewelry store. In fact you may find that tungsten carbide is the most affordable material in your local or online jewelry store. So long as you have any need or desire to keep a darker piece of jewelry you can't go wrong with buying tungsten carbide jewelry for yourself or for your significant other.