The screen of the iPad is particularly good at working with social networks, like Twitter, due to its larger size.

So do you want the stay connected with your Twitter-followers on your Apple iPad too? Below you will find a selection of the best Twitter apps that are currently available in the market.

Twitterrific for iPad

Twitterriffic is very popular as an application on the iPhone. This version was exclusively made for the iPad. Although it's not as configurable as other Twitter apps for the iPad, it handles all standard twitter functions, such as:

· Display for replies, direct messages, RT's, mentions
· Follow, unfollow, block users
· Twitter searches
· Filter timeline
· Link shortening
· Retweeting

There is a free and pro version available. The pro version costs $4.99 and will let you manage multiple accounts and removes ads from your timeline.


Osfoora is gaining popularity in the Twitter-community. This app has a elegant user interface and easy access to all Twitter-functionalities. Many iPad users swear by this app, which costs $3.99. Some of the features of Osfoora:

· Support for multiple Twitter accounts.
· Home screen menu for ease of navigation (see screenshot below).
· Landscape mode support.
· Advanced attachment manager for adding multiple photos and videos to a single tweet.
· Save tweets as drafts.
· Support for both old- and new-style retweets.
· Customize Twitter profile settings within the app.
· Detailed user profile view.
· Manage lists within the app

Tweetdeck for iPad

Tweetdeck is the favorite Twitter app on the desktop and now also made it to the iPad. A lot of tweeps like the multiple column display in Tweetdeck, because it presents a lot of information at a glance. The iPad version is very similar. Some of the functionalities that Tweetdeck for iPad offers:

· multiple columns
· multiple twitter accounts
· reply, retweet, direct message and favorite from a tweet
· view user profiles
· see recent updates and who a person is following and being – followed by
· follow or unfollow and block or unblock a user
· add All Friends, Mentions and DM columns
· add Search columns
· add Trending Topic columns

Tweetdeck for iPad is a free application.

Twittelator for iPad

This good looking Twitter application is perhaps one of the most attractive clients you will see in the market, but there is also risk in the design: because of it beautiful design, it can also be confusing at times, since your timeline is quite small, compared to individual tweet window which looks a lot bigger in comparison. Some of the features that Twittelator for iPad offers:

· Visually rich user interface
· Images inline in your friends' tweets feed
· Messages presented in a chat-view
· Customizable wallpapers
· Discovery of nearby Twitter users
· Multiple account support
· Post photos and audio
· Automatically split up of long tweets to allow messages longer than 140 characters

Twittelator for iPad costs $4.99

TweetBrowser for iPad

The TweetBrowser application let's you browse the web, while it keeps you informed on your Twitter timeline. The screen is divided in two columns, the column on the left hand side displays your Twitter feed, while your web browser is displayed on the right. This app, which is available for $1.99, has the standard Twitter-functionality, while the webbrowser lets you maintain bookmarks or review your browsing history.