Wether your camping with the family or friends, enjoying some time at the cottage, or out and about at a large shopping center, one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends is a two way radio. One choice with a range over 20 miles is this set by Motorola. Over and over, Motorola has produced quality hand held's for many years now.

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 Where the Motorola MH230 exceeds, is it's great price and incredible features without giving up quality. For value and overall quality, you cant beat this sleek product from Motorola.

The Best For Value And Features

The Motorola MH230 is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast, with an outstanding 23 mile range. This pair comes standard with 22 channels, 11 weather channels (7 NOAA), including weather alerts, and 121 privacy codes for great interference protection.

Motorola MH230(108609)Credit: www.amazon.comOne features is the built-in hands free communication. Known as iVox, you can easily communicate hands free without any additional accessories. The radio will automatically detect your voice and will transmit into the internal microphone. The QuietTalk noise filtering will help to ensure there is no external radio noise or interruption.

The days of always replacing batteries is over as this radio pair comes with 2 rechargeable battery packs, each with 8 hours of battery life. For those long treks where no power or charging is available, this set also supports alkaline batteries. You can easily recharge your battery just about anywhere! Besides using the provided dual base charger, you can also charge via mini usb cable in a car or personal computer.

Don't Empty Your Wallet!

When buying a quality two way radio for a great price there's no need to empty your wallet on lesser quality or range. The MH230 is a superb choice, with it's amazing quality, great features, and outstanding price, you'll never have to worry about keeping in touch with family and friends and staying safe ever again.