Every type of softball player on every experience level knows the importance behind having a softball bat of high quality. There are however many types of brands and makes that all offer their own advantages. Below are top brands that are suitable for beginners and more experienced players.


The Miken range is recognized for famous bats such as Chaos, Vicious and Long Haul ( Bomber). You will often see these types of bats used on a professional level due to the craftsmanship and quality.


One of the top brands around for softball bats and includes names such as Toxic, Titan, Eclipse and Mayhem. These types of bats are more commonly used in high school and middle school children. They became popular for the designs in graffiti style.


Easton bats used for softballs come in a variety of styles and some of these names include synergy Series, SV12 and Stealth.


The Combat range is popular for use in the sporting industry among females; the design is targeted for female use. Some of the brands include Virus Morphed, Supremacy and Lisa Fernandez.

5. Akadema

This brand is popular among sporting professionals with its superior quality and there is a range of bats on the market. Some of the top ranges include Catapult Ice and Xtention Catapult.


Louisville is superior in quality and may be more costly compared to other brands but are well worth their cost. The Louisville brand boasts the following Triton Series and TPS Triton.

Top brands range from $100 to $300, also it is advisable to shop for your softball bat by visiting the stores that sell the bats. This will allow you to get a feel for the bat that will suit your style of playing and the way you hold the bat.

About Softball

Softball is a type of variation of baseball and many of the styles and rules is the same for each game. One of the primary differences is that the pitching is underhand opposed to baseball overhand. The playing area for softball is smaller for a play and the ball used is larger than a baseball.

Softball is more popular among young women, as baseball is considered more a game for boys. There are various fast pitch elite teams played by girls. Nevertheless, the first games that showed up for softball were all male dominated.

Fastpitch Softball

This game involves pitches that are fast and the ball moves in a speed related to baseball pitches. Slight variations are used in the throwing style which makes the ball curve and twist while in flight. Due to the ball traveling at high speeds the swings will need to be faster paced. Players who play a fast pitched game will need to use lighter bats which make the swinging action easier.

Slowpitch Softball

This type of style is more popular in leagues that play casually. Players for Slowpitch make use of heavier bats as this enables the player to hit the ball with more force. In casual leagues there are several variations used in the game which include fewer strikes which will mean a faster game. Or the game will entail a pitcher will be used on the same side as a batter to help batters who are at a novice stage.

Variations of Softball

There is an array of types of softball leagues and these will include indoor softball, Children's softball, wheel chair softball and sixteen inch softball. In softball games for children the diamond used will be smaller in size compared to an adult game. The girls' game uses an even smaller diamond compared to the boys’ game.

Softball played indoors makes a number of variations in order to accommodate the constrained space used for the playing field. An example of these variations may include if the ball strikes a particular wall it will be considered a foul. Other walls may be considered part of the playing area.

Another addition to indoor softball will accommodate that if a player reaches a certain spot on a wall it will be recognized as a home run.

Every softball player will have a specific style in playing and this is an important consideration to keep in mind when purchasing a softball bat.