Your Best USB Hub

Do you ever have to unplug one USB device to plug in another? If you have you know it gets old pretty fast, especially if your USB port is on the back of your computer. USB ports are not something new to the market but are constantly becoming more used with the rise in popularity. Most companies are starting to make computer accessories into USB devices. Just to name a few, you may see keyboards, mouses, printers, or cameras that require a USB port. The problem with this is, most computers only have a couple USB ports built in. To remedy this, you will need a USB hub.

What is a USB Hub?

CyberPower High-Speed 7-Port USB Hub

Just in case you don't know, a USB hub allows you to connect multiple USB devices into one USB port. A USB hub can vary in size, power, and quality. To get the best USB hub, it is important to know what each hub does. Some USB hubs may not work for what you want. For instance, it may not have enough ports for all your accessories or even enough power to handle certain accessories. With so many USB hubs it may be hard to find the best usb hubs. With a few pointers you should have no problem finding the best USB hub though.

Factors to Buy the Best USB Hub


The first thing you need to consider when buying a USB port is how many things need to be plugged into it. This will determine how many ports your USB hub should have. The whole purpose of a USB hub is to prevent you from having to unplug and plug in other USB devices, so to have the best USB hub you need to have at least enough ports for your accessories and maybe even one or two extra ports. You never know when you want to stick in a random USB drive to open a file or picture. Some USB hubs may only have one or two ports which may be good for preventing you from reaching behind a desktop computer or under a desk. These are very helpful, however, if you plan on having multiple USB devices then you should go ahead and consider getting a larger USB hub.

Besides the number of ports your USB hub should have, you need to consider the overall size of the USB hub. If you do not have a lot of desk space, you may consider a smaller hub. If you have plenty of room you will most likely have a few more choices to choose from. USB hubs come with ports built on every different side. Some have ports on the top, bottom, and every side to reduce the overall size of the device.


The second most important factor to consider when buying the best USB hub is whether it should be powered or not. Some USB hubs come with a seperate powercord to make sure you devices run at their full potential. On a generic USB port, there is only so much power running to each port. The power that is going to the USB port must be divided between each device connected to it. So Belkin USB 4 Port Ultra Mini Hubif your USB keyboard has fancy lights and your camera is running they are both taking up power and it is being divided between the two. A powered USB hub will generate more power to provide the devices to make sure they each have enough to run. If you only have a simple keyboard, mouse, and USB drive you may not need a powered USB hub. For anything that will draw much power like a camera, a phone charger, a printer, or an advanced keyboard you probably should get a powered USB hub.


Last but not least, you may want to consider quality if you want the best USB hub. Like just about anything else, quality comes with a price however, the trick is finding the best quality for the price you want to pay. The difference in quality could consist of how long a device lasts, how much power the device will get, or how it was built. If you have two powered USB hubs, a lower quality hub may not provide as much power for your devices as a high quality hub.

Final Words of Wisdom

  • Beware of pictures when you shop for USB hubs. Some companies will make it look like a hub is powered but you will find out later it wasn't. Be sure to read and make sure your USB hub is what you are wanting.
  • Read Reviews. When people buy something that they are not satisfied with they like to get the word out. The same things counts, if people get something they really like. Be careful if you see a lot of positive comments though, some people pay others to write good reviews.

With this information you should have no problem buying the best USB hubs. Follow these steps and buy the best USB hub so that you can stop dealing with inconvenient USB ports.

This is a couple of my favorite USB hubs:

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