Most black women with dark circles under their eyes are looking for the best under eye concealer for black women. Women of color in general also have special concerns for under eye concealer too and sometimes finding the concealer best suited for them is difficult. Let's face it, concealer is not a one size fits all proposition.

Some makeup companies that claim to have concealer for black women frankly just don't cut it. Often times general under eye concealer companies don't take into consideration that black women and other women of color come in various hues ranging from light to dark skinned. The Best Undereye Concealer for Black Women and Women of Color

Black Opal Flawless Concealer - The Best

And many more women of color have varying pigmentation colors in their skin. For example, some black women have yellow undertones others have blue. I have only ever found ONE dark circle concealer for black women which has worked well and best of all its in everyday drug stores.

Dark circles under the eye occur for many reasons in black women and women of color. Firstly dark circles are often hereditary. Many black women and Indian women has well are just predisposed to dark circles because of their heritage.

 East Indian women are also predisposed to dark circles too. Sometimes it's because of the extra skin under the eyes. Secondly, dark circles can come from poor nutrition. I find when I'm not drinking at least a gallon of water everyday, my skin shows it. And the first place that does is directly under my eye area. So remember to drink your water to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

The other reasons black women and other women of color get dark bags under their eyes is because of lack of sleep and even vitamin deficiencies. Remember vitamin K is really your friend as is your green leafy green veggies too. Iron deficiencies as well contribute to dark circles under your eyes as well.

Dark Circle Concealer for Black Women

 So really taking care of what's inside your body totally helps with diminishing dark circles under your eyes. But while you're attacking the issue from the inside, its important to also look and feel good. Dark circles can make you look older and frankly like you need sleep. A well rested body and face is a great look on any woman at any age.

Black Opal Concealeris the best hands down for black skin and skin of color another great option is also Posner. Why? Because it easily blends and their colors are a perfect match for black skin. And best of all this concealer can be found in your local drug store. Its one of the best drugstore make up finds ever.

 Tips for Applying Under Eye Concealer

  • Use you ring finger to apply under eye concealer. Heavy application from your other fingers can cause more under eye lines and wrinkles.

  • Warm up the concealer in your hand before application if you are doing a finger application.

There you have it what do you think is the best undereye concealer for black women?