The Best Used Fishing Rods

There are a ton of benefits that are associated with buying used fishing rods; some of which are a discounted price, a product that has already been broken in, and having a review of the product from the previous owner. Although there are a ton of used fishing rods that are available for purchase through many websites, directories, and personal advertisements, it is the matter of finding the best possible models that causes some confusion within the subject. In order to find great second-hand models they must be from a reputable brand name, durable, reliable, and in good condition; once all of these criteria have been met, you can rest assured that you will end up being absolutely satisfied with the purchase that you have made. This article lists the top 5 categories of the best used fishing rods, as well as the most popular models within each category. You will definitely make the best possible purchase if you use this information to your advantage, and make an educated decision.

All Star Used Fishing Rods

The All Star brand name has definitely been out for quite a while, and they have done a phenomenal job at building up a positive reputation in the time that they have been out. They have done this through offering great products that are of top notch quality, for a relatively inexpensive price. Their models make the perfect choice for used fishing rods because they are extremely durable, and carry a decent warranty. I would just make sure that the person that you are purchasing it from has taken care of it during the time that they have owned it.

Team All Star Freshwater

Team All Star Inshore

Team All Star Big Boys

ASR Series Freshwater

ASR Series Saltwater

Okuma Used Fishing Rods

Okuma is well known in the fishing industry for their phenomenally low prices; this is not to say that their products are of bad quality, but they only contain the basic features without all of the bells and whistles. The greatest part about purchasing Okuma used fishing rods is that they will be unbelievably inexpensive. The price, when depreciated, of a product that you have originally paid $40 for will be somewhere around the $25-$30 range. This means that you can have a great product by a great brand for a mere quarter of a $100 bill!

Celilo Specialty





Used Fishing Rods For Under $100

When it comes to buying used equipment for your favorite sport, nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg for something that somebody else has already enjoyed before them. This is where these used fishing rods for under $100 come into play! These models are made from some of the most reputable brands in the sporting industry, and definitely carry the same physical values regarding their features as they had when they were first purchased. The models that are listed below can be considered as nearly necessary when you are considering the purchase of used fishing rods for under $100, as they are branded with the most reputable names in the industry, as well as retain their value once they are purchased second-hand in case you ever wish to resell them.

Abu Garcia Vendetta $79.99

St Croix Mojo Bass $99.99

Lamiglas Excel $89.99

Falcon BuCoo $99.99

Temple Fork Outfitters Gary Loomis Signature Series $79.99

Used Fishing Rods For Under $200

Although the models featured in the previous paragraph served as amazing options for used fishing rods for well under $100, these models are best suited for the fisherman that wants to spend a bit more money, and get a product that carries all of the bells and whistles. The models that are listed below will run you up a pretty penny; however, you will be receiving the absolute best product that is possible for the price that you will be paying. These used fishing rods are designed and created by the best brands, and are geared towards specific styles of fishing. They can prove to be useful for absolutely any style; however, they will perform optimally when used for their specified type.

Okuma Celilo Specialty CE-C-702L $39.99

Okuma Reflexions Rx-C-662M $59.99

Quantum Freshwater Casting Superlite $109.99

Quantum Saltwater Spinning Mocean Surf $119.99

Fenwick HMG Triggerstik $109.99

Many people choose to purchase their sporting gear second-hand because there are many associated benefits; however, purchasing used fishing rods without doing the proper research can lead you to nearly wasting your hard earned money. The brands and models that are featured throughout this article possess specific qualities that make them an optimal choice for the purchase of used fishing rods. Using your knowledge that you have acquired from reading this article to make an educated decision will lead you to purchase the absolute best product for the absolute best price!