People who have pets with long hair love the pets, but are dismayed with the waves of long hair that drifts to the corners. This is an aggravation to clean because it takes a substantial vacuum made for the task. The best are those designed to deal with pet hair. Dyson makes several pet vacuums. The DC39 animal and DC41 animal are among the best pet vacuums.

Dyson Animal Vacuums

The different Dyson animal vacuums have a lot in common. They are legendary for a strong suction that pulls dirt and animal hair into the canister. That’s what the owners like best; a strong suction that vacuums up animal hair. They have a canister instead of a bag. The user just has to empty the canister instead of the bag. Dyson vacuums have the reputation of being quiet. They come with a 5 year warrant for parts and labor.

Dyson DC39 Animal

The DC39 is a full sized canister vacuum with a ball that makes it easier to maneuver. It weighs 24 pounds. Adjusting from carpets to hard floors only requires a click of the button

Dyson DC39 animal vacuum(104517)Credit: Amazon

located in the handle to control the air driven brush bar. No bending required. The DC39 animal comes with a mini turbine attachment. This head is used to clean pet hair and other dirt from stairs, the car, upholstery and the car.

Dyson Ball DC41 Animal

The DC41 has a great deal of suction to pick up dog hair and other dirt. Its cyclone suction system resists clogging and suction loss. The vacuum directs air deep into pile to remove dirt. It comes with furniture and rug attachments.

Dyson DC41 animal vacuumCredit: Amazon

The Dyson DC41 pivots around a ball that makes it easier to maneuver around furniture and make tight turns. This ease to maneuver makes it seem lighter than the 20 pounds it weighs.

The Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner isn't cheap, but it is a superior product that delivers what it promises.

That isn’t to say there aren’t problems with Dysons. Some users don’t like the bagless feature because it releases dust when emptying. Some don’t like the ball because it doesn’t allow the vacuum to get under furniture. Some users feel the plastic hose on wand is hard to manage. Others feel the vacuum is too heavy. Some people don’t like that the cord not self-retracting.

These vacuums are quiet and maneuverable, and they pick up pet hair. What more could a pet owner want. These vacuums aren’t cheap, but like the old saying, you get what you pay for.