Does your cat or dog shed quite a bit? Are you always having to vacuum to keep up with their hair? You know... there are vacuums that do better with pet hair than other vacuum cleaners.

No matter how much we love our furry little friends, dealing with their hair all over the furniture and carpeting can be a real problem. Tape, lint rollers, and even tearing up all your carpeting can only do so much.

You need a good quality vacuum, and the best vacuum for pet hair happens to be the Dyson DC28 for animal hair. Dyson already has a complete line of heavy duty 'cyclone' sucking machines that will virtually clean your entire backyard without a hiccup.

However, for pet owners who really need more than something that does a superb job of cleaning the floor, this model offers that little extra 'oomph' to take the pet hair off furniture, draperies and even walls, tight corners, and rough surfaces like popcorn ceilings (yes, pet fur can reach to the ceilings!).

The major drawback to these is that they are indeed quite bulky. They don't easily fit into a small hall closet. The size is indicative of its power, however, and perhaps the original assumption by Dyson was that the size wouldn't be too much of a problem since pet owners would most probably be living in a fairly good size home with enough storage space to accommodate this behemoth.

But with all this said and done, if your goal is get rid of pet hair along with dander, this is by far the best vacuum on the market, and one of the reasons is the attachments. These attachments aren't your run of the mill attachments, though; they are specifically designed to find and eradicate each tiny piece of fur in your entire home.

You'll especially love the extra long 'wands' that come with the vacuum; they are meant to be able to reach most ceilings ' one of the most neglected areas that pet hair can accumulate on.