manly man

Buying gifts for men can be difficult, to say the least. It gets even harder when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. What do men expect on a romantic holiday such as this? I, personally, find the idea of sending flowers to a man to be a complete waste of money and chances are that he will think so too! It seems like when you go shopping around this time of year you find all sorts of useless gifts such as silk boxers, shaving kits and coffee mugs with romantic sayings on them. Do guys really like this kind of thing? NO! While there are exceptions to this rule, men are inherently practical and just don't appreciate the types of gifts that make a woman swoon or say, "awwww, how sweet!" So if you're looking for the best Valentine's Day gift for him, stick to this list and you'll be sure to have a hit on your hands!

  1. For the quirky, sweet loving man in your life, candy can be an excellent choice. I would steer clear of the ubiquitous heart-shaped boxes that you find everywhere during the month of February because not only do they seem a little thoughtless and last minute, but the chocolate usually isn't very good. Instead spring for a selection of handmade truffles from a chocolate shop or pick him up the World's Largest Gummy Bear! This gummy delight weighs in at 5 lbs and is the equivalent of 1400 regular gummy bears!

  2. Chances are that if you've watched much television lately, you've seen an advertisement for Fatheads. These are basically gigantic decals that you can stick on your walls and they will not damage the paint and are also removable. They come in several different sizes from the REAL.BIG.Fathead that is life-size and quite impressive, all the way down to the Fathead Teammates that are about 1 sq foot in size. Most Fatheads are sports-related and what guy wouldn't like gigantic football helmet with their favorite team's logo on it gracing the walls of their "man-cave?" If your guy isn't into football, they also cover baseball, basketball, hockey, Nascar, UFC Fighting, Golf, Olympic Games, soccer, boxing, tennis, motocross and even college and high school teams. If he's not into sports at all, check out their selection of superhero and Star Wars Fatheads.

  3. If the love of your life is into video games, chances are that there is game or gadget that is on his wish list and it's usually pretty easy to bring up their hobby in conversation to find out exactly what these gadgets and games are. Whether he's on the lookout for the latest Xbox game or needs a controller for his PS3, giving him the gift of gaming is sure to put a smile on his face.

  4. If your boyfriend or husband has a childish side (and don't they all!), consider buying him a toy! Especially anything remote controlled will take him back to his childhood and give him the chance to let his immature side shine. One of the most popular toys are the remote-controlled helicopters as they combine two things that every little boy loves – toys and flying!

  5. A magazine subscription can be an unexpected and welcome gift. I used to always find my husband buying his favorite car magazines in the grocery store so I surprised him with a couple of subscriptions to his favorites and he was very pleased. Not only will they no longer have to spend $5 on each issue, but they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness each time it arrives in the mail!

  6. Consider upgrading something they already own. This can be an awesome way to give a man something that you know he will enjoy. Lots of guys out there will buy the cheapest model of everything just because they're not willing to spend the extra dough to get the nicer version. If they are a serious coffee lover, you could get them a nice coffee mug and a bag of some quality coffee. Or, if they love to play video games, you could upgrade them to a wireless controller and they will be singing your praises for a long time to come!

  7. While it may seem cliché, men love a good "date night." It often falls on them to choose where to go and what to do on a date and my husband loves it when I make the decisions. Whether his idea of a perfect date is you making him super nachos and then sitting on the couch with him and cheering on his favorite team or taking him out to the nearest wing joint and then seeing the latest "blow 'em up" action movie – having a night dedicated to what he likes and being enthusiastic about it will remind him how lucky he is to have you!

  8. I saved the best for last. The most popular and probably most desired gift would be tickets. "Tickets to what?" you ask. To whatever he's been dying to see! This can be for a sporting event or a concert or even to the latest Broadway show, but you'll be sure to get a grateful reaction when he sees your thoughtfulness! They will be especially appreciated if the tickets are to an even that is hard to find tickets for.

All in all, men are simple and practical and if you stick to one of the above ideas, you will have a hit on your hands. Unless your boyfriend or husband is the really mushy type, stay away from the classic Valentine's Day gifts and treat this more like a birthday. Or better yet, take the pressure off of him and make a deal that instead of getting each other gifts, you will have a super fun day together that you will both plan and choose part of, that way he won't have to agonize over what to get for you and you won't end up getting him another pair of silk boxers that he will never wear! It all comes down to knowing what he likes and not trying to do something too "out of the box." Good luck this Valentine's Day and I hope you have a romantic day!