My wife stumbled upon probably the best walking socks for women when she attended a medical conference a couple months ago. She was walking around all the booths and found a booth for Thorlo socks which makes specialty socks for women and men but also makes socks within each category for all different kinds of activities including walking. The booth sponsors gave her a pair of the women's Thorlo walking socks and she told me that she didn't think anything of it until a few weeks later when she finally tried them and was blown away with how comfortable they were.

Upon doing some more research on Thorlo socks and more specifically on Thorlos walking socks we found that the price is actually a bit higher than we anticipated but considering how much the wife loved wearing them and how much they made her feet feel good while wearing them we decided that they might be a great purchase to make anyway.

In fact they were probably the best socks for women not only because they were small for women but because they were designed to fit a woman's foot better than most other socks. Their socks were also designed squarely to cater to a walking or light movement posture as well which was great for her because she's on her feet all day in the hospital.

The Best Thorlo Walking Socks

Thorlo walking socks for women, as I said before, are designed to fit a woman's foot. Unlike most bargain socks these are designed not to simply shape to a foot but also to provide extra padding where a woman's foot is more likely to need it and less padding where it is unlikely to be needed for the activity in question. Because walkers and people standing in place do not need a lot of extra padding these women's walking socks have extra padding on the heels and balls of the foot and the top of the foot as well as small padded areas on the sides where a foot may rub against a shoe. In the other places the sock is actually quite thins and allows her foot an amazing latitude to breathe and stay comfortable.

Additionally these women's Thorlos walking socks are designed to hold up well over time as all the materials used in their production are of the highest quality… which is obvious in the price tag they carry. This is not to say they are too expensive for the average person they merely are not the cheap walking socks you would find in a pack of ten on the shelves of your local discount superstore.

Types Of Thorlo Socks For Women

In addition to the walking socks my wife and I found that Thorlo makes more socks than you can even imagine. If you are in a cold weather climate they have all their popular socks made specifically for warmth. And vice-versa for warmer weather; all of their socks can be found for breathability and keeping your feet cool when you need it most.

Thorlos socks are also made in designs for all the different sports. Tennis socks have more side padding for all the side to side movements. Hiking socks for women are a little more robust that the average walking sock for women. Hiking tends to cause more wear and tear on the feet. The balls of the feet need more padding for climbing and the padding on the socks are more appropriate for heavy duty walking and hiking.

Basically whatever your activity we found that Thorlo has a women's sock just for the task. You can find women's and men's socks designed for walking, running, basketball, tennis, golf, mountaineering, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and for dress. They even have narrowed down their dress socks for the type of dress including formal, and work related dress socks appropriate for different types of work. Military socks, law enforcement socks, and emergency/medical socks are just some of the many different options offered. Each of course has it's own specifications including padding thickness and type of fiber which can aid in warmth or coolness, water resistance, or simple everyday comfort.

Above all the best socks for women are probably the walking socks which can come in various lengths including ankle height, calf height, or in between. If you look at their official breakdown of sock height you can find heights including crew, mini-crew, and micro mini-crew. Taller socks include mid-calf, over-calf, cuff, shoes and others. Basically whatever your preference for casual everyday socks are, Throlo has specific socks designed for your tastes and for your activities.

Finding Discount Thorlo Walking Socks For Women

You can obviously head over to the Thorlo website which has all the socks you could imagine and want in one place but as I said previously my wife and I were amazed at how expensive these socks could be. If we wanted to stock my wife's entire sock drawer with Thorlo women's socks then we would be spending a pretty penny. Simply adding three pairs of Women's mini crew walking socks to our shopping cart gave us a subtotal of almost $40 which is four to six times the cost of other walking socks. Keeping in mind the quality and the value of these socks is important but even still finding the cheapest price possible is always best practice.

Amazon and eBay are always excellent choices for finding quality name bands for less. Ebay especially can offer huge discounts because often merchants are in liquidation mode or people are selling used items and Thorlos socks can hold their value especially if they are lightly used. If this isn't ideal there are also alternative sources of finding discount Thorlo walking socks and that usually has to do with using coupon codes, cash back websites, and cash back credit or debit cards to make your purchase. By grouping savings methods together you can often save enough on your order to make your time worth it… and for the best walking socks for women; the effort is worth it especially if you are a man looking for a unique stocking stuffer. These could easily be added to the top women's Christmas gifts for 2010 this year and for many years to come and could easily be paired with a nice set of women's shoes. The options are endless.