Walk, Run and Bike Along the Water in Tampa

Best Walks in Tampa Bay – Bayshore Blvd

Walking along Bayshore Blvd is one of the most beautiful walks in the Tampa Bay area, and certainly the prettiest in the City of Tampa itself. Bayshore is a 4.5 mile stretch of 10’ wide sidewalk that runs right along the edge of Tampa Bay, from Gandy Blvd up to Davis Island.

Bayshore is constantly alive with pedestrian traffic of all kinds. You will see joggers, walkers, retirees, runners with those trendy high speed strollers pushed in front. Tandem bikes, people on roller blades and roller skates. Military men and women in full packs (MacDill AFB is close), high schools students from HB Plant’s track team. Even patients and staff from Tampa General Hospital on Davis Island can occasionally be seen taking a stroll. This wide variety of people on Bayshore is reflective of the surrounding area, which is a great mix of beautiful bungalows, apartment/condos and what amounts to student housing for the close by University of Tampa. One thing everyone has in common when they get onto Bayshore though, is a great attitude. While Tampa is not really a “Southern City”, like Atlanta or Charlotte, it has maintained the friendly Southern attitude…everyone greets you with a smile. Of course, walking along in the sun between water and lovely homes will put anyone in a good mood.

The people, the sunshine and the water aren’t the only attractions. Tampa Bay is the home of wildlife normally associated with even more Southerly climates. You will always witness pelicans making magnificent dives on the hunt for their prey, along with osprey, seagulls and many more. There are more than 200 species of fish in Tampa Bay, several of which that put on a great show by jumping frantically for no apparent reason other than to catch your attention as you walk along. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see the twin stars of the bay’s ocean life; Rays and Dolphins. There’s nothing quite like watching a pod of 6 or 8 dolphins herding a school of fish right next to you or seeing a school of young rays skimming along just below the water, their wings just breaking the water.

People populate the waters as well. You might see anything from a Tall Ship moving into the Bay to the Jose Gaspar, Tampa’s famed pirate ship, setting sail for a festival or event. Most common though are the small sail and motorboats, fishing vessels and kayaks, all out enjoying the view from the other side.

Bayshore Blvd is an easy walk from the Tampa Convention Center and area hotels, like the Westin Harbor Island and the Marriot downtown. If you’re staying elsewhere, there’s a small park at the corner of Bay to Bay Blvd and Bayshore Blvd where you can park and start your walk.

For more information on neighborhoods you can walk in Tampa: http://www.infobarrel.com/Tampas_Walkable_Neighborhoods