Consumers can be caught spending a pretty penny on the pairs of dress shoes that they are purchasing, and the worst thing that they can do is overlook the “insurance” for those shoes. I am speaking about waterproofing products for shoes when I talk about the “insurance”. Most people avoid wearing their dress shoes in the rain or on wet surfaces; this is a very good move, and will definitely help the longevity of the shoes. However, what happens during those times in which nature surprises you with some unexpected rain?

Those are the times in which you should be absolutely thankful that you did use some of the best waterproofing products for your casual dress shoes (assuming that you did!). This article lists and describes the best waterproofing products for your best pair of casual dress shoes, as well as the most effective methods to apply those products.

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Granger G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer

This waterproofer comes in absolute liquid form, and sprays on like a glass and window cleaner. I would definitely recommend this one the most out of all of the Granger footwear waterproofing products that are available on the market.

What is even better about the product is that it is being sold for a mere $10; most people spend more than that on a fast food meal that they devour in minutes! It is a very small price to pay when you put it into perspective in regards to the amount of money that it is saving you. Imagine for a second that you spent well over $100 on a nice pair of dress shoes; forking out an additional 10% of the price to protect those casual dress shoes through waterproofing shouldn’t even make you cringe the slightest bit!

Give The Liquid More Than Enough Time To Dry

Have you ever tried to apply a coat of paint to a wall in which the primer was not dry yet? It definitely doesn’t turn out well to say the least! The same rule applies to waterproofing your pairs of casual dress shoes. Most of the waterproofing products will tell you to let the shoes sit without being touched for about 30 minutes; however, I would leave them out for at least an hour to be extra safe. This extra 30 minutes will alleviate any of the potential hindering environmental effects such as damp air and excessive wind.

McNett Revive Suede And Fabric Water Repellent

I am sure that you could tell by the name that this shoe waterproofing product is solely made for suede and fabric shoes. Moreover, this would be the optimal product if a woman has a pair of suede boots that she does not want to ruin!

Suede boots and dress shoes can cost you quite a bit of money; in addition to emptying your wallet, they can easily get ruined by the slightest bit of exposure to water. I would recommend applying the McNett water repellent once per season to ensure that your precious investment does not get ruined.

Once again, this McNett waterproofing product is one of the most affordable waterproofers on the market, and being available for only $10 allows it to be deemed as being affordable to everybody, regardless of how large or small your budget is!

Apply The Waterproofer In A Well Ventilated Area

The only way that you will be aware of the fact that waterproofing products for casual dress shoes stink is after you have actually sprayed one on your shoes! Companies usually do not advertise the fact that these products simply because they are not harmful to your health in any way. However, any experienced individual will tell you that you should always spray your casual dress shoes with waterproofing product in an area that is well ventilated enough to dilute the horrible smell.