How To Increase The Selling Price Of My Used Car

What I Can Do TOo Make My Used Car Worth More

Detailing a vehicle before attempting to sell it may put additional cash into your wallet. If  you learn the tricks that professional employ, you can get top selling price for your used vehicle.

Here's a little known trade secret. A used vehicle lot ordinarily can sell a used vehicle for about $200 more for every hour put in detailing the vehicle. 

Should You Detail Your Car Prior to Selling?

The level of effort that you put into detailing genuinely depends on how you plan on marketing your vehicle. If you are planning on selling your vehicle in your neighborhood and desire to get top dollar out if your selling price, then you want to do a complete interior detail job on you car. People will be viewing your vehicle in person so you really want it to appear the best it can.

Now if you are selling your vehicle on the web, then people will not be able to see the details in the photographs. You truthfully won't see that good of a return for your time and effort invested in detailing the inside. This is not to say that you don't need to do so simple detailing. You want your vehicle to arrive at the purchaser in presentable shape. You might by pass all detailing if individuals are just looking for a parts car or a project car. Individuals will expect a vehicle in rough shape.

Easy Methods to Detail the Inside of Your Auto

Begin by vacuuming the carpets and floor mats thoroughly. Then take out carpet and floor pad stains. You may need to use a professional stain remover if the stains are too bad. The majority of the times the upholstery attachment for a home carpet cleaning machine and carpet cleaning solution will do the trick. If the floor pads are in too bad of shape, it may be more effective to just change them.

Next you need to clean the upholstery the in an identical way you cleaned the carpet. Try to get out any stains that you can.

At this point proceed to the door area. Clean the dirt out of the doorjamb by working with a soapy cloth. In the difficult to reach areas, you might need to use a tooth brush or a cotton swab. Proceed up to the inside of the door. Use the soapy cloth, toothbrush and cotton swabs to remove any dirt.

At this point thoroughly clean the inside windows with glass solution and newspapers. You don't really want to use a cloth on your windows. Newspapers can get your car's windows clearer than you have ever seen and not leave any blotches.

At this point work your way to the steering wheel column. Thoroughly clean it with your soapy cloth, cotton swabs, and toothbrush. Following cleaning, both the steering wheel and the steering column should then be coated with spray on protectant to make them sparkle.

Lastly you need to thoroughly clean the dashboard and center console with the soapy cloth, cotton swabs and toothbrush. After they are clean, cover all the areas with protectant.

At this stage your car's inside will twinkle and you can anticipate to obtain a higher selling price than you might have before.

How to Get More Money When Selling My Used Car