Many people search endlessly online and solicit the opinion of friends for the best way to get a flat stomach. And while many online resources will give a myriad of ways to get a flat stomach it is important to remember several key facts when searching on and offline for the best way to get a flat stomach.

Less talked about is one of the key reasons fat accumulates more so around the stomach than anywhere on the body- and that is stress. Many people have discovered that with all things concerning nutrition and exercise remaining equal, they still manage to gain weight when they are stressed.

We will cover several ways to get a flat stomach starting from the most effective:

1. Reducing Stress

Reducing stress has often been cited as the best way to get a flat stomach. Why? Because a rise in cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, can increase belly fat even when controlling portion sizes, dieting and increasing the amount of exercise one engages in. Cortisol is one of the silent fat contributors. You may ask why. Well generally the body reacts in self-protecting ways when it senses that there is a crisis. Retaining water and fat, is the body's way to self-protect, even if you're only stressing about a fight you've had with a loved one. So, the best way to get a flat stomach or at least one that is flatter than the one you've been sporting is to reduce stress levels.

Recognize what those stress triggers are and avoid them. So if you sense that a relative is calling soon to pick a fight or you feel a lot of anxiety coming on with a family dinner approaching-avoid the trouble. Either don't answer the phone. Or opt for a different day perhaps with less people, to get away from all the stress.

2. Drink More Water

Your mom was right when you said you needed to hydrate; only she didn't think that drinking more water was the best way to get a flat stomach. But consider the facts. When your body is dehydrated it retains any and all fluid-yes even the pouch around your waste-that's most likely water weight. Your body retains the water because it has no idea when more water is coming. So yes, you and that camel have a lot in common.

3. Eat more Fiber

Lack of fiber also contributes to what is well regarded as negative belly fat. But it's the increased fiber you should be consuming and it's well regarded in some circles as the best way to get a flat stomach. Fiber is what helps move things out of your body. It provides the bulk that aids in digestion and release of food waste. So what happens when you don't get enough fiber? Well the body accumulates that food waste in your intestines causing the pooch and added bloat that you desperately need to go away.