What is the best way to lose weight? I  don't know, but you do. The truth is that the way for you to lose weight, the best way for you, is the way that you enjoy the most. In order for your weight loss to really work it has to be something that you like doing enough (or at least don't hate) that you will continue doing it for a long time.

Just remember there are no quick fixes. You need to be prepared to make some lifestyle changes or if you manage to lose any weight at all, it will only be temporary. Lifestyle changes will be permanent so if you try to force yourself to do something that you hate or is boring to you, it will be very difficult (and unlikely) that you will stay with it for the rest of your life.

So whatever exercise plan you decide on, remember to incorporate only those things that you are most likely to continue doing. Exercise can, and should, be fun. IF not, keep looking for something better. With so many options available there is just no reason to settle for something you don't enjoy.

Of course what you put in your body will have as big of an impact as what you do to get your body moving. again, it's more about making lifestyle changes than it is about quick fixes.

If you love sweets, than have sweets. just don't have as many or have them as often. Many people don't realize that what we "like" is a learned response. You can train yourself to like things that are a little better for you.

So, again, if you like sweets, why not retrain yourself to get your sweet fix off of fruit? That is a much better alternative to a candy bar. Though, if you feel like you just have to have a candy bar, remember it is all about moderation. Instead of trying to deprive yourself  of something that you really want, just have that something less often and / or have less of it.

You also need to make sure to drink enough water. That will keep the toxins flushed out of your body. It will also keep your body hydrated and that, in turn, will help your body work more efficiently.

So, really, the best way to lose weight is the best combination of physical activity and eating plans. Something that you will stay with for the long term and that doesn't seem too much like "work".