In order to keep the floors in your house clean, it is necessary to regularly mop your floors. The best way to mop a floor varies, because it depends on what kind of floor you have.

For instance, stone floors can be washed with hot water and a more aggressive soap, while a wooden floor benefits from a very light damp mopping with a mild soap and cold water. For all floors the mopping-technique remains more or less the same, but the choice of soap varies a lot.

MopBe well-prepared before you start to mop your floor. First gather the supplies you need: a bucket, a mop and soap or a cleaning solution. Mopping is always done after sweeping or vacuuming the floor so that all loose materials, particles and dirt are removed from the floor. Also move your furniture to another room, to ensure you really clean the floor, including the parts under your couch or tables.

Then fill your bucket with hot or cold water, depending on your floor, and a cleaning solution. It is not necessary to fill the bucket completely, mind your back!

Dip the mop into the water and wring it out well. If you have vinyl or laminate flooring, wring it out twice. You don't want to make your floor too wet, because a mop that's too wet spreads the dirt instead of absorbing it.

Start mobbing in straight lines if you're using a sponge mop or in a figure eight move if you're using a rag mop. Dip the mop frequently in the water to flush the dirt from the mop and wring it after that. If you are cleaning a very large or very dirty room, you will have to change the water halfway through your mopping, otherwise you end up smearing dirt across your floor.

Please pay attention how you are mopping your room! You want to end up at your door and not trapped into a corner of the room.

After you mopped your floor, wait for a while and allow the floor to dry. Before moving the furniture back in the room, you have time to rinse your mop really well and let it dry. This extends the lifetime of your mop.

If you are not sure what cleaning solution or soap you should use mopping your floor, please check with a professional before cleaning.

No matter what material your floor is made of, regular cleaning is necessary for all floors, so make sure you sweep or dust often and mop your floor on a regular basis.