In our quest for natural white teeth lets look at some alternatives to to natural teeth whitening. The choices facing us in finding a secure strong system to get back our smile and the self-assurance that goes along with it possibly could be intimidating, so lets study the following which will be considered unnatural teeth whiteners:

Visiting the Dentist

You can visit your local Dentist to clean your teeth in addition to removing any stains and most discoloring. Discoloring is normally caused by certain forms of bacteria which are imbeded in the cracks and crevices of your teeth. If go unnoticed they slowly cause decay. Going to a dentist only for teeth whitening may not be the best option as the costs can be dear with only temporary results.

Teeth Whitening Kits From The Dentist

This means again involves a trip to the Dentist. The Dentist prescribes a solution to be used at home. This answer includes of peroxide, equal to the equal solvent used in his office. He comes up with a detailed and time consuming treatment for you to perform at home. You must be super careful in the utilization of this prescribed kit as the time the solvent sit on your teeth is all-important in optimizing its results while at the same time and most significantly, minimizing the risks to permanently eroding the fundamental enamel on your teeth. Extreme caution and regular consultation with a Dentist is recommended. This too can be as costly as regularly visiting a Dentist as the process should be under a Dentist's supervision, even though it is administered at home.

Other Over the Counter Products

Store bought teeth whitening products are sold and regularly used across the globe. These are probably the most popular tactics that lots of individuals who are after natural white teeth normally engage in. However, if it were as easy as just picking up some gel or cream at the local pharmacist and using for a week or to and be done with it, we would all be walking around with Hollywood smiles. The list of tactics that items sold over the counter largely comprise of gels and bands for applying. The pros of these commonly include the sum of money saved and the time and comfort of application. However results vary and again its important to talk to a Dental professional before using any over the counter product on your teeth as with methods used in the Dentist's chair, caution should be taken to minimize the risks involved.

Laser Treatment used in Teeth Whitening

In cases where natural teeth whitening methods and traditional dental cleaning performed by a Dentist normally fail, people usually resort to using laser treatment for teeth. This procedure is anything but natural for teeth whitening. the procedure involves a trip back to the Dentist's office and is performed by using a solution including hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide that a dentist would use in normal teeth bleaching, however the treatment of a laser is now included to speed up the process. This process lightens the shades of your teeth and if applied by a skilled professional can bring the whiteness of your teeth two to five shades lighter. The procedure may also include as with traditional teeth bleaching, follow up applications done by you at home. The results can be satisfactory as this speeds up the teeth bleaching process. But, this procedure is not as safe and is of course much more expensive than natural teeth whitening. For people with delicate gums and fragile enamel there may be some serious side effects. Precaution is again highly recommended and typical teeth whitening techniques along with instructions on their suitable application is strongly advised before exploring more extreme and pricey options.

As you can see there are many options available. So what's the best way to whiten teeth, you decide.