Alpaca SweaterCredit: Peruvian LinkAlpaca fiber produces some of the finest and softest garments man has ever seen. To get the maximum usage from the Alpaca sweater, you need to get aquainted with Alpaca fiber care and maintence information so you do not wind up with a felt ball. 

Alpaca fiber is five to seven times warmer than wool and it's not scratchy like wool.  It is also hypoallergenic, unlike wool.

Basic Alpaca Sweater Care

  • Alpaca yarn, because of its nature it lacks adequate static electricity to make dust and grime cling to the material, helping to reduce the need to wash it. 
  • For accidents like juice splatters, just blot it as soon as feasible. 
  • Brushing with a lint brush is normally all it takes to restore the nap or the pile of Alpaca yarn. Always use lengthwise brush strokes. 
  • Some people insist it is alright to wash clothing made with Alpaca yarn in your clothes washer, as long as the machine lacks an agitator. You can verify if this is true with items you're planning to get rid of. Clearly, you don't want to chance a trial using the ones you will still wear.  Don't put the sweater into the dryer. 

With that being said, be sure to retain the laundering directions that are included with your Alpaca sweater, whether or not you decide you would like to launder it at-home, or send it to the dry cleaners.

To Wash an Alpaca Sweater at Home

The majority of Alpaca yarn and product companies agree it is advisable to use cold water for cleaning. Additionally it is advisable to clean one Alpaca sweater at any given time; specifically those made with colour dyed Alpaca fiber.

  • Add a little bit of mild detergent or shampoo to a tub filled up with only enough water to saturate the item of clothing. 
  • Soak the sweater with this sudsy water for no more than five minutes. Gently work the suds through the garment. Refrain from agitation and scrubbing. 
  • Switch the water in your tub. Delicately rinse the sweater shaking it out carefully to eliminate detergent sediments. To preserve freshness, rinse out no less than thrice.

Ironing and drying your alpaca sweater

  • Drain the tub. Press out the excess water from the item by softly pressing it in between your hands. Under no circumstances wring or gently twist. 
  • At this point lay it flat out on a heavy soft towel. Place an additional towel over it and then try to remove as much water as you possibly can through pressing delicately or making use of two more towels as appropriate. 
  • Lay it on a towel and allow it to dry out the natural way turning the alpaca sweater over or switching the towel as and when required. 
  • Hanging a damp sweater will pull it out of form. 
  • Pressing is not required. A fine brushing is usually enough. 
  • If your sweater appears wrinkled, you could expose it to steam. Steaming up the shower stall is usually the recommended strategy. This is known to freshen up Alpaca fiber. 
  • But remember, by using a hanger for your sweater, tends to stretch it. It is a great idea for you to locate and make use of a level surface to complete your steaming. 
  • Alternately, make use of a steam iron. Just don’t press the garment.

Storing your alpaca sweater

When storing an alpaca sweater make use of a well-ventilated space that permits the Alpaca garment to breathe.  Fold it and keep it inside a drawer. In case you don’t have shelves or drawers and hanging is your only option, hang it on a thickly padded hanger.

By following these simple instructions the alpaca sweater will be kept in nice shape for many years.