The workers' compensation audit.

You devote a full day (or 2) getting ready for it. You print tons of reports and get out large binders.

You commit an additional workday (or two) together with the auditor answering his concerns. He wants to know about your entire company as well as job duties for the employees.

Every single one of them.

It's the thing you least look forward to annually.

So what is the #1 thing you can do to hurry it up?

Prepare worker job responsibilities

You don't have to actually spend more time with the auditor whilst he's performing your audit. But when he or she needs to review your employees' job duties, unfortunately you will have to take the time. There's just no way about that.

If this sounds like time you do not have, put together the job duties prior to the audit.

1. Detail out all your employees that worked throughout the audit time period. The audit period is what is important.
2. List the job titles for everyone. To avoid having to do this manually, find a statement in your pay-roll or HR system that provides this information.
3. Pull the official HR job descriptions for each work title. Through official I mean the job descriptions that Human resources keeps on file and are typically one page long and identify in precise detail what workers are expected to do.

Use common sense: an "Office Manager" works similar responsibilities to a "Bookkeeper, so pencil that in your list.

Word of caution…
The more employees you have, the greater the number of job titles you will have. Don’t take the shortcut route and try to state that a “Project Manager - Media” is equivalent to a “Project Manager - Distribution.” Look for any job titles that will produce concerns in the auditor’s mind and make certain to explain the duties.

Pull the official work description if you are unsure.

Uh, I have to do all this?

Yes, this will consider work on your behalf, but it will be much faster than doing this throughout the audit. Or even worse, following the audit.

What all of this set-up does is actually give the auditor an easy-to-reference list without having to get the info verbally from you. Therefore, the auditor can take the time going through the job duties and you are able to use that time to get your own work completed!

Workers' comp audits are an unfortunate requirement, but you could make things a lot easier for yourself. Spend some time to prepare in advance and you will be rewarded with a considerably faster audit.