Magazine article writing interests a number of freelancers in the industry. This particular genre is great for online income and once you get in the door the work is generally consistent and pays well. One of the keys to success is crafting a great piece of material a publication is willing to pay for. This starts with catching the awareness of the audience buying the work and the eye of the editor in charge. Writing a lead that compels them to want more is where you start.

Write the Lead

A great piece which reads well and gains an editor's interest that likes your work is crucial to making a living in this way. This means starting it out productive and taking the work in the right direction for this vein to continue.

Design a terrific one with inventing the right hook to capture a reader's attention. Then you direct them to the rest of your work of art and keep them there with interesting, relevant and informative subject matter designed in the most beneficial way.  

Imagine this lead as the compelling things put on paper to have anyone reviewing it wanting more.  After getting them to buy in for more, begin describing or working on a number of events ending with a punch. This is an easy recipe to get an article together for publication.

Getting Started

The methods most often used for the task means starting out with an anecdote, a short biographical profile, thought-provoking quotes or simply reciting an amazing statistic. All of these are valid in a number of circumstances depending on what your subject is. Most people have a general outline or overview of the entire product already formatted and after the start the rest follows without a lot of fuss.

These types of publications generally want stories or news about celebrities, beauty, fashion, dating or focus on sharing news events . Therefore, when visualizing your opening to get people drawn in, make certain you apply the correct method to the correct work of art. Additionally, the type of entryway will connect with the theme for the client's magazine you are building content for.

Methods Used

For an example, when crafting something on beauty, using stats to display the number of people using the item, the amount of people who have seen a difference or even figures related to surgeries performed are all situations where numerical data works for an entryway.

When conjuring up material related to dating a thought-provoking quote or even a short bio works out well. How about a combination? If you can join two together it is even better. Short bios on a current celebrity in the news today or a celebrity stat with a quote are examples of using two instead of one to get the job done.

Other types which are found with more experienced writers are giving vivid pictures with words of a common situation or dramatic event. These are more difficult simply because you are working on getting someone caught up immediately in what you have to say. This means the fewer words you do it in the better. This is where experience comes into the picture.

Stay Focused

Always keep your focus on the theme or genre of the magazine that employs you. If the general subject is young teen girls, quoting statistics related to middle age men will not gain you the notice you need. Consider these elements when constructing the first sentence or paragraph that will make a person say “I want more.” Keep your focus on the audience reading the material.

In Conclusion

Fashioning the right type of content continually to get the interest of an editor is vital and the key difference between being a one hit wonder and getting an income flowing. The first step in getting a relevant and informative piece of work created is finding a hook. Using many ways to get the job done is helpful in making an arsenal of tools for a wonderful career in writing.


writing for magazines and similar online publications is a wonderful way to earn freelance writer income

magazine article writing is a wonderful source for freelance writer income