Ideas for a new business can be found everywhere you just have to pay attention to the potential opportunities. The best ways to find great business ideas is to look at businesses that already exist. This is the most simple method for developing good business ideas as you already know that those businesses are making money and there is a market for the type of product or service that is being offered.

Franchised businesses can help you develop new business ideas:

These type of businesses have experienced such high demand for their product or service that they are in a position to offer franchised licenses to anyone that wants to do the same. Its worth taking a look at some of the franchises that interest you and determine whether you could set up a similar business with less investment. Perhaps you could add a unique twist that would make your product or service more appealing to customers with your own unique selling point.

Flaws in existing businesses can give you ideas:

No business is perfect, luckily for you. Developing business ideas can also be based on the flaws of existing businesses. Is there something that could be improved on to make their business better? If so, snatch this opportunity with both hands and create a similar business without the flaws that the other business had and improve on their idea.

Speak to friends and family to get new business ideas:

There is a possibility that friends and family have ideas about what could be turned into a business. They may have spotted new opportunities, by using the services of existing businesses,so its a good ideas to talk to them.

Find new business ideas by using existing products:

A lot of inventors find ideas for new products by using existing ones. Next time you use a product see if you can find a way it could work better. Analyze the features and concept to see if there is an opportunity for a better product that has the same focus.

Develop new business ideas by analyzing a situation:

When carrying out your normal daily routine analyze every situation to determine if there is a business opportunity that could be made from it. You could find these ideas whilst doing your housework, using a cell phone, practically anything, you just have to constantly be on the lookout for a new opportunity.

Think of a need and develop a business idea based on that need:

Businesses make money because they provide a solution to someones need. By thinking of what needs people have that are not already being met, you will have a golden opportunity to create a profitable business.