What is the best way to make money online? Although it's completely up to you, there are many great opportunities out there on the web that can begin making you money this instant with a little bit of work and the drive to take action.

With so many "get rich quick" schemes out there on the web it can be a headache just to weed through all of the methods you'll run into. This article is aimed to give you a clear-cut, no BS guide to how you can begin making money online today.

Method 1: Freelance Writing Online

Freelance writing online isn't a new concept in one of the ways to make money online but it has to be mentioned here because it's one of the easiest to get started.

There are essentially 4 ways you can make money online through your freelance writing:

  • Work for clients
  • Write on paid-to-write websites
  • Sell articles on article marketplaces
  • Article marketing

Let's take a look at how you can make money with each of them:

  • You can begin making money by working directly with clients that you find on websites like Freelancer, oDesk, Craigslist and many other job listing boards. Additionally, you can directly contact people or have them come to you through your own website.
  • Paid-to-write websites, such as Infobarrel, will pay you in a variety of ways from passive income through ad impressions to up-front payments. Your earnings go as high as the amount of work and value you put into the sites.
  • A great way to make money with your freelance writing is by selling content using article marketplaces. Article marketplaces allow you to upload your articles which publishers can browse through and buy; marketplaces generally take a cut but it's a great way to get exposure!
  • Combine your writing with affiliate marketing or your own landing pages and you're going to build a great system to make money. You'll earn commissions based on each sale you drive through your articles; you can submit your articles to sites like eZineArticles.

As you can see, Freelance writing is actually one of the easier ways to make money online; if you can type you can earn.

Method 2: Run your own website/blog

Next, if you have some money to invest you could start your own blog or website. With a blog or website all you have to do to begin making money online is to create great content, engage communities and implement a few of the following monetization methods:

  1. Banner ads - commonly located in the sidebar, you can sell banner ads depending on the amount of traffic and authority you have within a niche topic.
  2. Contextual ads - Google Adsense is the most common way to monetize your site with contextual ads - you're probably very aware on how Adsense works so there's no need to explain.
  3. Affiliate products - Sell other peoples products and make a commissions; use marketplaces like CJ.com, Clickbank and E-Junkie to find products to promote.
  4. Sell your own products - turn your ideas into an information product, source from manufacturers, make something out of your arts and crafts. Use your blog or website like an ecommerce site.
  5. Sell your site - If your site gets popular enough you can later sell it for a healthy profit on sites like Flippa.

Websites not only allow you to make money online but the added benefit is that it can help build your brand so whenever you launch a new site, service or product you'll have an existing community to back and support you.

Method 3: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, as mentioned previously is when you sell other people's products in exchange for a commission. There are thousands of products and services you can become affiliates to and with the right strategy you can begin making a very healthy living online.

The key to making money through affiliate marketing is to find a need for a product within an existing marketplace, create content around the product and then drive traffic. The reason why you want to build traffic around an affiliate product is that it builds authority and creates additional value which helps convert visitors into buyers.

Here are a few ways you can begin making money online through affiliate marketing:

Place links on your website - If you have a website already, start placing links, banners and other forms of marketing material on your site. Go a step further and write a review which gives the product or service a greater chance to convert visitors.

  • Link through article marketing - Write articles on other websites and place your affiliate link within your content or author byline. Write great SEO content and you'll have the added benefit of ranking high in search engines so you can increase your chances of earning commissions.
  • Utilize social media - turn your following into a cash cow; tweet, post to your Facebook wall or use whatever social media service/website to promote products and services you're affiliated with.
  • Paid advertising - pay for advertising on platforms like Google Adwords and send people to the landing page or your own that later links out.
  • Email marketing - build and email list, create trust by sharing great content and slowly drip in marketing messages that promotes your affiliate product.

With affiliate marketing it's really up to you and your imagination on how you want to utilize the web (and even offline methods) to send traffic through your link and earn a commission.

Method 4: Sell your unused items online

Look around you right now, see any items that you no longer want? Bundle up any unused items and begin selling them online - even the smallest, stupidest item can net you a few bucks because the web is so large you're almost guaranteed to find a buyer out there.

There are tons of marketplaces/services online which will allow you sell your used items, here are three which I personally recommend:

  • eBay - the classic auction site that has millions of visitors every day; list your item online, set your price, pretty up your ad and you'll be pulling in the dough.
  • Amazon - the largest retail marketplace online; you can sell your items on Amazon once you find a previous listing or create your own through their paid service.
  • Craigslist - find people local to your area that are willing to buy your unused stuff; rearrange a meeting (be safe!) and complete the sale - cha-ching!

There's many more niche marketplaces out there that cater to every type of product available, just hunt these websites down with a simple search and you're ready to rock at making money online.

Method 5: Sell your own products

Got a hobby, craft or know a lot about something that others are willing to pay you for? You can turn your hobbies and knowledge into your own products which you could sell through your own website, blog, articles or any other marketing platform available on the web.

Here's a few ways you can start selling your own products:

  • Create an eBook - turn your knowledge into an electronic book!
  • Create a video course - record yourself or your computer screen showing tutorials on how to do something technical.
  • Create an audio course - record your voice and sell off CD's or MP3's to people that desire them.
  • Sell arts & crafts - create something from your artistic talents and sell it online (Etsy is good for this)
  • Rebrand products - find a generic product and brand it with your own logo; raise the price and make bank!

There are so many more ways to make money online selling your own products but these are certainly some of the most common to begin with - once you understand online business, expand it and dominate your goals to earn a revenue.

Method 6: Start an online store

If you're really ready to make money online than step into the world of eCommerce. All of the previously mentioned methods can make you some good money but nothing compares to when you open your own store; it will require additional work but what you're building here is a full business!

The easiest way to begin is the following:

  • Find products - check out manufacturers, dropshippers or wholesalers for products and find a great deal on items which will sell in your particular niche (make sure there's a demand first).
  • Setup a website - buy or create your own ecommerce store; use existing platforms or code it yourself - for beginners it's probably best to start with a packaged ecommerce platform this way you have all the necessary tools to get started.
  • Create your business - find a great name, register yourself as a business and your business now a legal entity!
  • Start marketing your site - utlize the latest and greatest internet marketing techniques (some of them described in this article) to drive traffic to your website; convert visitors into buyers.
  • Customer service and more - just like any other business, you'll need to offer customer service, technical support and be able to handle shipping - it's not a walk in the park, this is a real business.

When you create your own online store you have no glass ceiling except for the one you create; shatter it by continually expanding your products, create a great customer experience, build a brand and keep driving traffic to your site - you'll make more money than you can ever imagine if you have the drive.

Method 7: Sell your services

Finally, you can always sell your services online to freelance clients, businesses, individuals and anyone willing to hand over money for your knowledge in a particular skill.

Much like putting together your own product, the idea behind selling your service is that you know a skill that others are willing to pay for - you trade your time and get paid.

There are plenty of places to begin earning money online by selling your services like:

  • freelance job boards
  • classified ad sites
  • your own website
  • social media

The point is to get your name out there as an authority so people come to you, otherwise you should constantly be seeking out those in need.


In this article, you learned a ton of ways to being making money online; some are more difficult than others but if you're serious about getting started than you're going to need to focus on one and give it your all. If you have the drive to chase one of these methods, you will be rewarded in the end with enough dedication.

Just think, soon you can kick back anywhere in the world because you're no longer locked to a physical job; that's the benefit of making money online - do you have what it takes?