Windows 7 is the core of Microsofts current line up and is the operating system that many pc enthusiasts are looking to use. One problem users are having is speed due to it not being as lightweight on memory like Windows XP. There are a few tips that can help you speed up Windows 7 and make a good operating system into a great operating system.

The first thing you should do to improve your pc's performance is to check that your pc meets the minimum requirements. Too often people will upgrade to windows 7 or any operating system without checking that the pc they're using matches the system requirements. As a rule you should make sure that you have at least one gigabyte of ram on your pc to to give it a fighting chance. Ram is known to be very cheap so if your motherboard supports it and you are finding your pc is running slowly you should add at least another gigabyte stick of ram. Ram can be easily installed in just a few short steps so seek out a guide to do so if you have not done it before. Once you do this you will instantly feel the boost in speed you are after.

The second tip that can speed up windows 7 is to use the new and improved disk defragmenter that comes with Windows 7 for free. The tool is located in system apps so use the search function on the task bar to find the application quickly. You should run this disk defragmenter on your hard drive at least once a fortnight depending on how much you use your computer. The benefit of doing this is that the files on your pc will be in a byte logical order for your processor to find quickly and hence will dramatically improve your pc's performance.

The final tip that will really accelerate your pcs performance is the use of ready boost. Ready boost was introduced in Vista but has since been improved upon with the introduction on larger Usb's. What ready boost does is uses a Usb stick as additional memory which is very fast and depending on the size and performance of the stick you will see large improvements in the speed of windows 7. I recommend using this as the core way couple with extra ram to get even more from windows 7. Ready boost comes standard with all windows 7 stalls so ensure that you take advantage of this great new technology. Use a guide to optimize your pc in the best way and you will never look at another operating system the same way and you will be the envy of all of your friends.