Polar wind, freezing temperatures, snow ... In this season, our body, skin and our morale are sometimes put under  strain.  It is time to adapt ourselves to winter with a well suited diet and lifestyle.

Beating winter cold

Useful tips to beat cold weather.

We shiver? It is the time to add some  proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and sometimes even some comfort food. All these  help our body to better withstand extreme conditions. Having a good diet and eating the right choice of food is of utmost impotance . To maintain our body   temperature at  37 ° C, which is the ideal, the body needs a reserve of energy to use when in need. To do this we must surely include some complex carbohydrates  which are cereal breads, pasta, rice, pulses .... They must represent at least 40% of our daily calories in our diet. In our diet we should also include some  red meat  which is rich in iron and so has anti-fatigue  properties and citrus fruits which are well known for their anti-infectious properties.

Drinking plenty of fluids, even though the  cold decreases  our thirst sensation, is also very important. To boost our body heat, it is very important to drink hot beverages like herbal teas, teas, soups ... however surely we should not drink  alcohol as the warmth a small glass  gives is purely illusory.

Winter is the time to indulge in comfort foods like potatoes au gratin, sauce dishes and rich food but we should not make it accessive as all these foods are full of fat and calories and although it is winter we should not forget about keeping a good figure as summer is not so far away!

Hot beverages are very important to boost our body heat

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Good habits we should go by in winter.

Low temperatures stress our body, especially the heart, which has to beat faster to avoid  the ecessive cooling of our body. Clothing, physical activity, skin protection are all very important.

Covering our head and wearing caps or hats is also essential in winter as our  extremities are more sensitive to cold. Specialists say that most of our heat is lost through the head.  Wearing gloves is  a must to prevent frost bite and when going out we should cover our nose and mouth as to avoid breathing in cold air.Winter is also the time  to wear clothes made of synthetic fibre as cotton collects humidity and allows cold air to penetrate. It is best to use synthetic fibres that keep off perspiration and we should wear many layers off clothing as layers trap air in between and so we are kept warm.

Protecting our skin is vital as it is our prime barrier against all elements so we surely should not neglect it! Adapt your beauty regime according to the season and use more nourishing creams and richer cleansing  products. Take great care of  your lips and are very vulnerable and because they  are not protected.

Practicing some sort of sport is of great help as sport stimulates our  immunity and thus protects us from viruses. Low temperatures should not make us exclude exercise unless we suffer from asthma or heart problems. Warming  up should take  a little longer than usual and if possible, exercise should be done inside. Any type of exercise helps, jumping on the spot or climbing stairs. When staying inside , while doing some type of sport or exercise, it is useless to wear lots of clothes as the same movements that we are going to make are going to keep us warm. For any type of sports we should clothe ourselves as if the temperature was 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature.