Do you want to know the weather forecast for your region? Do you need to take an umbrella with you or not? Of course no one wants to be caught in a rain shower or a snow storm.

That's why it is a good idea to check the current weather conditions and the weather forecast and you can do that on your Apple iPhone, using one of the weather apps. Below you will find a selection of weather apps for your iPhone. All apps can be downloaded in iTunes.

The Weather Channel

This free app from the famous TV channel shows you the current weather conditions in lots of details like temperature, sunset, sunrise, humidity and UV index. Forecasts are given for the next 36 hours or next 10 days. One of the remarkable features of The Weather Channel App is an integration with Facebook.


The Accuweather app is a very complete iPhone app, giving you accurate and localized weather information, which is updated hourly. The app has multiple weather views, including animated radar and satellite, videos, and interactive Google maps. It also warns you for severe weather conditions like thunderstorms, snow, ice, high winds and tornadoes. One of the remarkable features is the special lifestyle weather and health forecasts, which tells you if the weather condition is good to walk your dog or play golf, while people suffering from allergies will like the health related weather conditions.

Weather HD

This paid app is considered to be one of the top weather apps in the market. It has a beautiful interface which shows you current weather conditions and forecasts. This app let's you watch weather videos, navigate between various cities, shows chance of rain, pressure, visibility and much more.

Met Office Weather

Met Office is the national meteorological service in the United Kingdom and one of the most reliable source of weather predictions in the UK. The Met Office Weather app gives you accurate weather info, national and regional weather maps, satellite images, rainfall radar and 5-day forecasts.


Outside - Visual Weather Forecast is different to most weather apps for the Apple iPhone. Outside combines current weather conditions with forecasts in a nice visual way. This app also has custom push functionality, which means that the Outside app will alert you of certain weather conditions.


Umbrella is a very simple weather app, which answers every day the important question: Do I need to take an umbrella with me or not? Together with the weather conditions, temperature and chance of rain, the app shows a big 'Yes' or 'No' to answer the question if it is going to rain or not.

Thermometer Free

If you are not interested in forecasts or any other more detailed weather information and just want to know the temperature, then you should use the Thermometer Free app. It turns your iPhone into a thermometer, showing the temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

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