Even though millions of people are surfing the web every minute of everyday, most websites see little traffic. As a professional web design company, we see the same scenario play out time and time again. A customer pays for a professional, top quality website; a visually appealing site that reflects the personality an uniqueness of their business. We go over all aspects of the design, from navigation, site structure and architecture to color schemes and fonts. We ensure all on page search engine optimization is and we deliver the customer the completed website after testing and review. The customer is very happy and we offer our services to promote the site, but feeling that a great design is all they need; they decline and tell us "perhaps later". After a few months, they have little to no traffic. A great looking website, but nobody to see it. A few savvy business owners understand the importance of proper promotion and marketing. These businesses often times already have it in their budgets. These websites see much greater results and positive returns on their initial investments.

What is Organic SEO

Organic SEO results are the the listing returned in the main area of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Listing found on the sides and sometimes upper area of a SERP are paid listings. Getting your siteOrganic SEO Results here depends on how much your are willing to pay for such a listing. Free or organic SEO are free. Free but not easy. Ranking high for competitive keywords is hard work. Many of the steps you may need to take in order to do well may be expensive. This means that although the search engines may not charge you to get listed in the organic SEO section of the SERP, getting there can be expensive.

Organic SEO Services

The best SEO promotion strategies includes

  • Developing unique quality content
  • An aggressive backlink campaign
  • Creation of web 2.0 sites that promote the customer's site and provide additional backlinks
  • Press Releases, these short promotional articles that can reach thousands of online readers and print media outlets
  • Directory Submissions - Submission to the right directories increase trust and authority with search engines
  • Article Marketing - We write and publish relevant articles promoting the site on the top article directories, establishing the customer as a subject matter expert and providing additional quality backlinks

This type of website promotion is commonly called Off Page Search Engine Optimization (off page SEO). This effort will increase the website's rankings on search engines, which in turn means greater traffic and ultimately increased revenue.

Organic SEO Costs

Depending on the scope of distribution of the press released and cost of the directories selected a promotion campaign will cost between $500 - $3,000. Most customers decline this offer figuring that they just need the website. They are sure that since we have done such good job creating a beautiful, user friendly design, that the web surfers will soon begin to flock to their site in no time. Six months later they find that, although their friends and colleagues love the site, it's getting very little traffic. Certainly it's not providing the additional income they had imagined.

you should spend at least as much on site promotion as you spend on website design. A good design built around solid marketing principles will encourage site visitors to take a desired action and convert visitors to customers. Before your website can begin to provide this conversion, it has to have good, targeted, steady traffic. Ranking high on search engines for keywords and phrases that best relate to what your website provides is the single best way to get this kind of traffic. Money spent on an effective off page SEO campaign will make a return on investment many times over, money spent on web design, in and of itself, generally will not.

Organic SEO Experts

There are several Internet Marketing companies that can guarantee traffic, and often and very low rates. The problem here is that usually the traffic is not interested in what you provide, and as such has no commercial value. We can provide our customers hundreds if not thousands of visitors by using techniques that provide this type of untargeted and uninterested traffic, but it's useless. Instead, by using a focused, keyword focused approach we provide customers interested, targeted traffic. Visitors that have a problem that our customers are positioned to solve. This in a nutshell is how money is made on the Internet.

Good web design companies must also be organic SEO experts, if not they are simply hobbyists that are good designers. Business web design must incorporate SEO and Internet Marketing. If you are looking for an Web Design company to design your business or non-profit site, make sure to ask if the web design company provides off page SEO or web site promotion. Ask them to explain exactly what they do, and how it will provide targeted traffic for your site. Ask them for examples of where they have had success in getting top search engine placement for their customers.

If you are serious about having a website developed to represent your business or organization, set aside $500 - $3,000 for Internet marketing and website promotion. A good SEO expert will research your market, provide you an analysis of the competition and give you an estimate of the amount of time and money it will take to achieve a good search engine ranking.