Web hosting is a huge business and literally hundreds upon hundreds of people scour the internet daily looking for the best web hosting sites available. Building and updating a website on a regular basis takes alot of commitment and dedication. People willing to invest there time and money in a new website will always look for the best web host.

Through experience I have learnt what it takes to be a great web host. A crucial if not the most important part of being classed as one of the best web hosting sites is the customer support. When your using a web host and your building a site for business or just for fun you WILL run into problems and have some sort of trouble along the way. Imagine, you wake up and go to check your website that was perfect yesterday and bringing in traffic, to find that its gone! What do you do? You contact support, and you want a fast and efficient response as soon as possible. You will always find the best web hosts will have support that is available 24/7 through all the best forms of communication, such as email, phone and chat. Now they can even access your pc over the internet to solve the problem for you, of course you would have to grant them permission to do this.

The best web hosting sites have plenty of different options and many extra services included. These include unlimited emails, disk space and bandwidth. A site builder and ftp account are also very important. With time you website will expand and become much bigger as you add more content. As your site becomes larger you will find having unlimited bandwidth, storage ans emails to be extremely important if you wish to keep expanding your site. For example, you are going to go crazy on the social media platforms and expect to get alot of traffic all within the next few days. This is where you will need your unlimited bandwidth to deal with the surge of visitors coming to your site. The control panel is an important feature. It is used alot and can perform many different functions. The best web hosting sites have simple, user friendly yet powerful control panels. You should always check out the demonstration control panel first before you decide anything. The standard control panels used today are called Cpanel and Plesk, Cpanel being the more popular of the two.

It is always worth the time and effort it takes in looking around to find the best web hosting sites before you commit to anything. Changing your host because you made a poor decision the first time around is not fun, it can be time consuming and very frustrating, especially if you lose any of your data in the process.