It’s strangely difficult to determine what those closest to us want or enjoy, and this problem is only made worse when it comes to wedding presents—a once-in-a-lifetime event. How do you find unique wedding gifts? Or how should you find unique wedding gifts for a couple? Are there certain times that you need to go off the registry so you can get people something better or different? And just what might the expectations for groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts be? Listed in what follows are some great wedding favor ideas that the groom and bride will honestly like.  I’ve arranged them into several useful categories, and I’ve tried to provide some additional scientific support for these ideas—in addition to my own experience.

Personalized Gifts

We all know there are many strategies that you could potentially personalize a gift. Practically everything on Etsy would qualify, but in fact Amazon has lots of personalized products. Before I move to a few truly definite ideas I would like to point something out. Remember, you need to find them a FAVOR That Has An EXPERIENCE so that they will love it. So you have to make it significant to them. So, onto the suggestions.

A Signature Frame. This may be one of the most personalized wedding favors available, and as a bonus are usually relatively inexpensive to put together. Simply purchase a frame that's bigger than the photo that you would like and have everyone sign the encircling framing board, either before or maybe throughout wedding dinner. This will provide the couple a superbly personalized gift to remember their wedding ceremony and everybody else who attended.

Mr. and Mrs. Pillow Cases.  They are going to be sleeping together after all Also this kind of gift might prove a nice touch for their wedding night, assuming you can slip into their room before they see it and decorate it for them this is going to prove both a unique wedding favor and clearly memorable.

Unique Wine Bottle Labels. You can get wine bottles now that are designed so that they come with a unique message on the label plus the names of whomever you'd like. These are some of the most thoughtful wedding favors, because the couple will be able to enjoy the wine while keeping the bottle as a memory gift!

Personalized Wedding GiftsFramed Names by Photograph. Truly memorable wedding favors are exactly like this item. You can purchase a series of images that displays the names of the couple through the letters in each image. If you would like to ensure it is honestly personal, you could create one yourself by taking photos of things the couple owns or simply is meaningful in their eyes. In that way, it’ll not merely feature their names, but retain a deeper significance (it also is more affordable!).

Personalized Modern Art. You can now turn your favorite couple into Marily Monroe --or a picture that looks like that.  Supposing that the couple you’re buying for is a fan of high art, especially modern art, this is simply awesome. You'll need a picture of the couple - hopefully an instance of them enjoying themselves, or at a minimum a decent picture. Then you can go online and order your gift (lots of places will filter it for you.  Heck, they if you look hard enough you can probably find someone on Fiverr to do it for $5).  They can make it into a Warhol-esque print fit for any modern décor. One drawback: make sure they have a location for modern décor. If you've got any skill with Adobe, you can create this sort of wedding gift yourself and then just go to Staples to have them create a large version of the resulting photo on your behalf.

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The Registry's Expensive Item

Wedding PresentsBased on the group of people attending a wedding (usually not too many wealthy people show up), the expensive item or possibly handful of expensive items, tend to be more of a wish-list. So the wedding present idea here is to actually synchronize people’s resources to make a couple’s dream come true! They probably won't receive the gift any other way, which means this will blow them away!

Just be certain that if it’s a multi-gift item, like an expensive table-wear set, that you buy them all. This last bit is personal for us here. When we got married, people practically purchased a complete set of our daily ware (yay!), but we had only three complete finer wear sets … It turns out that some of our friends did arrange to obtain those and hoped that other people would pitch in, and this just didn’t happen. (On the up side: we did finally complete the set over the next 36 months).

The Experience Favor

Experience Wedding GiftThe wedding gift idea here is to get them a product that they’ll enjoy and carry with them past the use of the item itself. These usually become some of the best gifts. Some examples include the following: pitching in to buy them an upgrade for their wedding-night room, merely to make it extra plush, or sweetening their honeymoon. To upgrade their room, you’ll probably want to confirm with the maid of honor or bride's mother (or whoever might know about these particular arrangements) to guarantee you put in for this before they make their reservation. This certainly requires planning upfront! The same applies for sweetening their honeymoon experience. You’ll have to discover where they’re going and then try to buy them an evening meal while there, or perhaps a show.  You could even pay to upgrade their airplane flight (which can be done rather last minute).

Scientific findings support this idea. Behavioral economists, philosophers, and psychologists studying exactly what makes people happy have realized that because our brains form memories selectively, we are likely to remember good events well. If you improve someone’s honeymoon, they’re very likely to remember it. Even if they got sea-sick on the cruise, that element of the memory will likely fade, and they’ll remember that you paid for them an extra-special dinner.

Should I Give Cash?

Wedding Gift CardsThe drawbacks to this gift idea are that it seems a bit shallow and uncreative. The plus side: the couple can actually do what they need by using it. After my wife and I received three crock pots for gifts (because people decided to buy off the registry and didn’t communicate with each other), we can claim that we’d prefer cash. The important point to bear in mind here is that it’s rude to request cash, but it is not to be given it. Any newly married couple wants additional cash for moving expenses, a honeymoon, or maybe simply a nice meal out together. If you’re pressed for time, or you just don’t know of a more desirable gift, cash is always appreciated. 

The same points hold, of course, for gift cards or gift certificates.  There are those general gift cards you can buy, like from or Visa, and they're basically like cash (though you'll have to pay a sur-charge for them, for example: $22 for a $20 card).  If you can get a specific store or restraunt gift card, then it'll be a little more personalized, like one for BestBuy, but the larger point is that it'll still be appreaciated.

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