The Echo SRM-225 Weed Eater

Awesome Trimmer


This string Trimmer is not the cheapest or the most expensive one on the market.  It cost around $220 and it is worth every penny.  It can compete against some of the most expensive trimmers and comes out on top.

 Engine and Trimmer Head

The trimmer has a 21.2cc engine which is more than enough power for most jobs.  The best part of this engine is that it is really good on gas.  I operate a landscaping business and my crew who works 8 hours a day only has to fill it up once.  It is the best fuel efficiency I have ever seen.  It is engineered to not get hot which helps with the efficiency and comfort. The engine is also not loud which saves your ears and the chance of disturbing neighbors.

 The bump to feed head is the best part of the whole machine.  In order to get more string, all you have to do is bump the head on the ground.  It does not involve cutting string to length and having to change it every 10 minutes.  The trimmer can hold 10ft of line which lasts a long time and saves you time.

 Comfort and Build Quality

It is very easy to hold and operate because it’s balanced very well.  Weighing only 12lbs, anybody can use it without getting fatigued.

 One might think that since it only weighs 12lbs that it might be poorly made.  This however is not the case.  Using strong polymer and metal, this thing is built like a beast


               I’ve been using Echos SRM-225 model for about two years without any problems what-so-ever. It starts on the first pull every time and I run it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Echo gives a 5 year warranty which covers anything that breaks from top to bottom.  Having a 5 year warranty shows just how much trust Echo has in their products.

Closing remarks…

If you own a business or property you’re wasting your time with any other trimmer. There isn’t any reason why not to get this weed eater seeing that its only $220 and has a 5 year warranty.

 I hope this article was helpful to you!