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There are many people across the world who love to come and spend their time glimpsing the best whale watching the world has to offer right here in America with whale watching boat tours. If you haven’t had a chance to experience one of these trips you should get out there and see what you’re missing out on by getting a chance to enjoy the best whale watching that everyone else has been witnessing. There are plenty of trips to choose from making it possible to find something close to you and that offers what you’re looking for in a trip that provides the most magnificent of nature watching.

Bar Harbor Whale Watching Tours Co.

This company offers fantastic whale watching boat tours. It’s possible to select from ‘whale only’ tours or take one of the rounds where you get a chance to check out a larger scope of wildlife along this majestic shoreline. Some of the best whale watching in the world takes place on the east coast.  Because these trips are near Baker Island Acadia National Park they are also able to offer lighthouse tours.  Any of these tours give a view a chance to see many of the aspects of life along the shore of the ocean.

If you’re in search of a vacation that has the chance of giving you some of the best whale watching tours along with enough options to satisfy the entire family or group, this is one of the whale watching boat tours you should look into. It’s even possible to visit breaching humpbacks or other whales in the ocean while riding on one of their wonderful sunset tours.

San Juan Islands Orca Whale Watching Tours

Many consider the best whale watching to be done off the coast of Washington state in the San Juan Island areas and this is indeed the case. These unique whale watching boat tours give tourists the chance of the lifetime to see orcas breach the water and at play. On one of these tours a person will be able to spend time viewing orcas along with bald eagles, seals, porpoises and minke whales. Why go to just see one species when there is so much more out there to view?

The best whale watching is done here from mid-April through mid-October. During this time you’ll have if you take a boat trip there could be entire pods of these famed animals in their natural habitat as they feed on salmon while you’re on this educational and entertaining whale watching boat tour. Keep a camera ready so that you can snap a photo.

Adventures With Whales, Orca Enterprises

For some of the best whale watching visit Juneau Alaska and get a chance to see many of the most amazing species of wildlife in addition to the creatures of the sea. This is one of the whale watching boat tours that a tourist truly knows they got more than their dollars’ worth. They have great people manning the boats and these folks bring years of experience and professionalism to their tours. Having a knowledgeable professional along can really increase the likelihood of finding whale filled waters.

There are orca and humpback in these waters for visitors to get on camera and get a look into their life. Overhead you may see eagles while enjoying some of the best whale watching. These whale watching boat tours are known for having some of the safest and fast  boats and they also take great  care not to crowd their viewers in, insuring the most comfortable and safe adventure in search of orcas and humpbacks.

Winter Wildlife Boat Trips

Virginia Beach has some of the best whale watching on the east coast and the tours with Winter Wildlife Boat trips are decadent with opportunities to witness these creatures in their natural habitat. On these whale watching boat tours a person can have the chance to see humpbacks, rights and fin whales when they are traveling the Atlantic in their migration habits.

It’s considered the best whale watching when they are here to feed on the huge schools of anchovies and menhaden. While on whale watching boat tours here it’s possible to see any of these species breaching, lunge feeding, slapping their fins and tails in the clear waters. There’s nothing quite as breathtaking as any of the above species cresting over the ocean surface when breaching.

Newport Landing Whale Watching Tours

California really is home to some of the best whale watching available anywhere in the world. There are many whale watching boat tours up and down their coast, but truly Newport offers some of the finest.  These tours are convenient to Orange County and Los Angeles making it easy to do many other entertaining things in addition to your time spent on the ocean. Finbacks, blue whales, large pods of dolphins, killer whales and grey whales are seen on these tours.

Grey whales provide the best whale watching here as they make their migratory trip. December through April is an ideal time to make a booking on whale watching boat tours here because of the opportunity to see the grey whale. Don’t forget the rest of the wildlife in the area that you will have a chance to see. There are eagles, seals, sharks and other marine creatures to see. Their professional staff is able to answer questions and will narrate the entire tour to help everyone get the most they can out of the trip.

On any trip you’ll want to be as prepared as possible so that you are comfortable to do what you came to do; whale watch. If you have a good camera, bring it aboard, if not get a disposable. Bring some choices in the clothing department such as a rain coat so that you aren’t caught off guard by weather conditions. Be ready to go home with some incredible stories of you chance with the best whale watching on any of these incredible whale watching boat tours.