As soon as you get your Windows smartphone up and running, you're going to be on the look-out for the best windows 7 phone apps to keep you in the loop when you're on the go. Here's a run down of some of the most popular utilities, games and self-organization tools available on the windows 7 phone platform right now. Best of all, every one of the windows 7 apps reviewed in this compilation are totally free to download!

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First Things First: Windows 7 Browser Skyfire

Capable of sporting both flash 10 and Microsoft's silverlight 2.0, Skyfire will get the job done when it comes to loading your favorite web pages on your windows phone. It's even capable of watching YouTube videos. You'll find the usual smattering of web browsing control like bookmarking, forward, back and stop. If you need to hit the web fast, download Skyfire. 

Stay In Touch on Windows 7 with Voxofon

How would you like an app that will allow you to make free calls on VoIP services on your Windows 7 platform? Voxofon is your answer. You can contact Google voice and Skype for free, but you will end up paying for other services that you contact. Voxofon is perfect, however, if you just want to quickly make contact with your friends on your new windows smart phone. 

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Adobe PDF Reader For Mobile Windows Phones

There's nothing more annoying than finally receiving that e-mail attachment you've been waiting for only to find out your phone can't open PDF files. Adobe reader for Windows mobile phones will take care of this problem lickety split. 

Not only will it display your document in full view on screen so you can zoom in and out and read them, but it will also maintain a recently-viewed list that allows you to find all the PDFs you have read recently. 

Watch The Classics With Netflix For Your Windows Phone

Netflix members can take full advantage of their account when they're traveling with a Windows 7 phone. The 3G and 4G capabilities of most smart phones can more than handle the data stream required to push full-length movies and TV shows to your screen. Users of the free Netflix app for Windows 7 mobiles have praised its creators for making good use of most Windows 7 phones' built in functionality. When you start a movie or show, the playback automatically switches your screen to landscape viewing for an optimal entertainment experience. 

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 Staying Productive With Business Apps for Windows 7 Cells

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Microsoft Tag Reader App for Windows Phones

This handy little app will allow you to short-cut your way through tediously typing out long urls and domains by allowing you to scan a special kind of barcode to be instantly delivered to the location encoded within it. Similar to iPhone's little black box barcodes, these tags are a welcome alternative to fussing around with your tiny on-screen keyboard. 

WinMilk To-Do List

WinMilk is a pin-and-post app that allows you to scribble in notes to yourself and tasks to complete and check off so that you can get your day outlined and organized. One of the nicest features of this Windows 7 phone apps is that it stores all of your data locally so you don't need to have a live internet connection in order to access your lists and notes. This is especially handy for travelers who can't always stay connected to the internet when they're on a flight or in an expensive airport that wants to charge an exorbitant fee for one hour of wireless access. 

Poynt App For Travel

Poynt is a handy little companion app that will pull local data wherever you go so that you can find restraurants, hotels, hospitals, points of interest and more. This is extraordinarily handy if you move around a lot with your Windows 7 Phone and you tend to rely on it to locate things you need for you. Poynt works with Bing and your current GPS data to retrieve data that's relevant to your current location. It also grabs phone numbers, websites and more to help you get in touch with these services and businesses so you can ask them questions before you go there

Kindle For Windows 7 Phones

Amazon's convenient Kindle app is now available on the Windows 7 mobile platform, making it a snap to access, read and purchase books from your phone wherever you go. This is especially nice for sitting around in an airport and waiting for a flight or sitting in a cafe and finishing up that last title you meant to read when you have some free time. Thanks to the Kindle app, all the exciting titles on Kindle's robust publishing platform are available for your consumption while on the go. 

Polyglot App For Translating Languages On Your Phone

If you've ever found yourself at a loss for words while on the move, you can take advantage of this free smart phone app that will translate 30 different languages. You can type text directly into the the translator to get a read-out in your target language, or you can copy and paste text from an e-mail or webpage to make sense of something you're trying to read that's not written in your native tongue. One important note with polyglot is that it's not free but it only costs 99 cents. So if you've found reading other languages to be a big hassle then you can give it a shot without making too hefty an investment in it. 

Foursquare App For Windows 7 Phones

If you want to get social with your friends that also have this app, regardless of the kind of phone or provider they're using, you can download FourSquare for free and have fun checking-in to see where your friends are in comparison to your current location. There are also some phone gaming apps that will use FourSquare data to enhance your gaming experience. This can also be useful to keep in contact with your family if you're all out adventuring somewhere new or if you want to be able to meet up quickly in case of becoming separated with your in-laws, parents, children or friends that are also using the free FourSquare app on their windows 7 OS based mobiles.