HeatShield Keeps You Cool in the Summer

There are several ways to lower the temperature of the interior of you car as it sits under the relentless rays of the sun.  You can crack the windows of your car or try to find a parking spot in the shade.  Many people use windshield sun shades.  The question, though, is which windshield sun shade to purchase.  A great option is HeatShield.

Problems with Most Vehicle Sun Shades

Many car sun shades do a decent job of keeping the interior temperature of your car down.  However, several problems exist.

  • Many sun shades do not fit correctly on the windshield.  Therefore, they either allow too much heat inside the car or they fall down.
  • "Accordion" style sun shades take up a lot of space when stored and are very bulky. 
  • Many vehicle sun shades are simply not made from high quality materials and do not do much to lower the temperature of your car's interior.

Benefits of HeatShield

The Best Windshield Sun Shade - HeatShieldHeatShield changes all of that.  Perhaps the most important feature of HeatShield is that each one is custom made for each vehicle model so that it fits perfectly against the windshield to block out the sun.  Virtually all models have a HeatShield designed for them.  It is also designed to be supported by the car's sun visors alone.  HeatShield does not use velcro or suction cups to be held in place. 

Secondly, HeatShield does was a windshield sun shade is supposed to do.  It successfully reduces the temperature of the interior of your vehicle.  The manufacturer states that HeatShield reduces the vehicles temperature by an average of 25 degrees F, and the temperature can be reduced by as much as 40 degrees F.[354]

The simplicity of use is also a key factor that makes HeatShield the best windshield sun shade available.  You just unroll it on the dash and lift it into place on the windshield.  They are also specially designed to fit around rearview mirrors.  Then to store, it rolls up end to end and is fastened by a velcro strip.  While it takes more storage room that the "twist and store" sun shades, it is not as bulky and unattractive as an accordion style sun shade.

How does HeatShield Work?

HeatShield is made from a special metallized polyester film, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a clear polyester film backing.[355] 

Where Can I Buy a HeatShield?

The easiest way to purchase a HeatShield would be one of two places.  Amazon has HeatShields available for many models.  The HeatShield website also has them for sale.  HeatShields tend to be more expensive than other sun shades, but with some comparison shopping you can find a good deal.  After all, this is the best windshield sun shade so it is worth the extra money.

So if you are tired of sweating your way around town as you run errands, check out a HeatShield to see if it would be a good fit for you.

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