Top Three Sports Bras

Your sports bra choices should incorporate the three “must” features of a good sports bra. The best features of any sports bra are:

  • Fit: Your sports bra should fit you so that it moves like a second skin and gives your unconditional support whether you are jogging, playing tennis, cycling, doing yoga or doing high-impact cardio aerobics. It should fit you well whether you are an A cup or a double D cup.
  • Material/Fabric: The material has to be breathable, washable and able to hold up to large amounts of perspiration and aggressive movements without falling apart after one or two wears.
  • Design: Does it look like your grandmother’s bra or is the design up dated and suitable for the modern woman.

Based on the best features a woman should look for when looking for that perfect sports bra, here are the top three.


Fiona (39120)Moving Comfort Women’s Fiona Bra

Two women who were runners in 1977 started moving Comfort. Since the company opened 30 years ago, they have strived to maintain quality high performance guidelines when constructing their athletic wear.

  • Moving means moving
  • Quality comes first
  • Fit affects everything

As a result, the Fiona sports bra is the latest addition to their line of sportswear. According to Amazon “the Fiona features seam-free molded cups with one-way stretch power mesh that encapsulates the breasts for support and limits up and down movement. This means that you can maintain the shape of your bust, while still receiving the high level of support and movement control that you expect from a sports bra. Two-way stretch power mesh on the back of the bra provides extra-firm support, while front adjustable straps with flattering design lines and a concealed hook-and-loop closure provide a perfect fit and enhance support. The wide-banded back will not bite into your sides and is fastened with three plush-backed hook-and-eye rows. Bras with bands sized 40 to 44 have a fourth row on the band. The Fiona Bra is constructed with fabrics that manage moisture for high-intensity activities.” The Fiona sports bra costs from $22 to $50. The Fiona also comes in a variety of eyecatching colors.


Purelime (39121)PureLime High Impact Wire-free Sports Bra

The PureLime High Impact Wire-free sports bra is a seamless, stretch nylon sports bra. Its molded cups give you added support and lift. It has a moisture wicking system that helps maintain your temperature so it keeps you cool and dry. The PureLime High Impact Wire-free Sports Bra ranges from $59 to $70. Other features to the PureLime High Impact sports bra are:

  • Anti-stretch cup separation
  • Ability to convert to a criss-cross strap
  • Comfortable front straps that are back adjustable
  • Ideal for medium to high impact sports


Shockabsorber (39122)Shock Absorber Women's Run Sports Bra

According to the manufacturer, “This sports bra is soft, seamless inner reduces repetitive friction injury. It has wide, padded, non-slip straps with advanced technology. Reflective v-tape across cups for high visibility when running outdoors. It has a fully back opening for easy on & off, soft non-rub hook & eye for comfort. This bra is made of moisture-wicking, advanced sports performance fabrics.”

The Shocker Absorber Women’s Run Sports Bra is designed specifically for running. It has an “Infinity-8” support system to support the impact of excessive breast movement.

The company also states that according to their testing, the Shock Absorber Women’s Run Sports Bra reduced up to 78 percent bounce, so the runner can focus on her goal. The Shock Absorber Women’s Run Sports Bra ranges from $53 to $80.


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