Are you having problems finding a free WordPress theme that suits your site perfectly? Everyone does.

The amount of customization options on free WP themes has increased in recent years, but it is still awkward for a non-techie.

In the Beginning . . .

In your site’s first few months the theme you choose is irrelevant; you will not be getting any visitors anyway. You will just be building up your content and preparing to receive your first enthusiastic visitor.

And then there were Visitors . . .

Once you have 50-100 posts on your site and all your pages set up it is time to think about its appearance.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from, and somewhere there must be the perfect theme. However it is impossible to find and most serious bloggers buy a theme instead.

Buying a  WP Theme

Once you start to research paid-for WordPress themes you realise that there are several options:

  • Pay a developer to build you a  unique theme - $100
  • Buy a  ready to use, easily changed theme and customise it yourself - $100
  • Buy a  theme and pay someone to customise it - $200
  • Buy a  theme framework and a ‘child theme’ - $100

Trying to Reduce Costs

Many bloggers spend hundreds of dollars on themes and theme customisation. It is easy to pay $40 here and $29 there and in no time you have signed up for and bought four different theme sets.

The Solution

In your research you will come across a theme called Thesis. There is a lot of hype surrounding this theme, which is of-putting for a cynical blogger. Thesis costs $89 and that is just for one site. If you want to use Thesis on two or ten sites it costs $164.

That seems a bit steep.

However, Thesis works.

It works out of the box and is a piece of cake to customise, even for the least technical-minded blogger. You can do it all with zero knowledge of CSS, HTML or any other set of random initials.

All the customisation options are done via a large, easy to use and plain English interface screen.

Customising Thesis

If you want 2, 3 or 4 columns it is easy to do.

If you want a photo slide show you can do it.

If you want to change the font or font colour it is simple.

Every single thing you can change yourself. You can experiment with different page and column widths, layouts and colours. Check out this page to see a list of everything you can change and exactly how to do it

And all for $89?  . . . That’s a great deal.

Not Only, but Also . . .

With most themes, even paid for ones, you need to install plug-ins for additional functionality. Bloggers usually install plugins for SEO, ads and social networking. Every plugin you use slows your site down.

You can still use plugins with Thesis, but Thesis, has a massive support site and forum where you can find exact instructions and code to paste into your site to do the same jobs as all those plugins. The code does the same job but without slowing down your site.

Site speed is important in terms of visitors and search engine rankings.

If you are put off by the sight of code, you needn’t be. The Thesis support pages give you the code and tell you exactly where to paste it.

The Bottom Line

Buy Thesis sooner rather than later, because it will stop you spending money on ‘solutions’ that fail to do the job.

DIY Themes, the Thesis development company, even offer a 30 day refund policy; and you get free upgrades for ever.

Thesis 2 Released

Thesis 2 is released on 1st October 2012. This includes point and click interfaces to change any CSS code on your site, landing pages, custom 404 error pages and so much more it is well nigh unbelievable.

If you buy Thesis NOW you get a  free upgrade to Thesis 2 on Monday 1st October. It's time.