With the popularity of computers and cell phones growing, it is difficult to get kids to become active, and participate in some sports. Even when you do get them to participate in some sports such as soccer and basketball, they are simply getting a cardiovascular workout, and not really stretching their muscles and building core strength. One of the greatest things about yoga is that it can be done by people of all ages, and will stretch all of your muscles, and strengthen your core.

Convincing your children to try yoga may not be that difficult, but finding some great yoga mats for kids may be quite hard if you don’t know what to look for. This article is not the bible of children’s yoga mats, but it will inform you of some unknown facts, and great specific mats to keep your eyes peeled for.

The Prices Of Yoga Mats For Kids Are Substantially Lower Than The Adult Models

A common rule of business is that less material translates to a lower manufacturing cost for that product, and that lowered cost usually means that the retail prices for that product will be substantially lower. This is the exact case with yoga mats for kids because the price tag of the average children’s yoga mat is about half of the price tag of the average adult’s mat!

This means that getting your child to try a few yoga poses will not break the bank account. Considering that the average price enrolling a child in a soccer season is about $200, and the average price of a children’s yoga mat that will last a few years is about $15, I would definitely say that yoga is one of the most inexpensive physical activities for your child to participate in.

Wai Lana Offers An Eco Friendly Children’s Yoga Mat For $20 On Amazon

You may want to teach your child about some of the values of saving the environment when you are looking through yoga mats with them; Wai Lana offers the perfect eco friendly model for this! The eco friendly yoga mats for kids that Wai Lana offers feature a print of a tree, and humans standing in a tree pose. Not only does this print hold a significant meaning of “humans being their environment”, but it also shows the child one of the most common poses known to yoga practice: the tree pose.

This specific eco friendly mat is available in over 5 different colors, and will only cost you about $20 on Amazon, which is a great deal!

Looking For Studio Quality Yoga Mats For Kids? Try One Of Namaste Kid’s Models

I know that I said that the majority of children’s yoga mats were cheaper than the majority of adult mats; however, there are a few mats that are quite expensive. A few models that come to my mind are the mats by Namaste Kid that are also eco friendly. These yoga mats for kids are made with tri-reinforced foam and rubber, and feature the best durability, grip, and traction that a child could ask for. Upon hearing all of these features, one would automatically assume that a mat like this would cost nearly $100; however, Amazon has managed to sell these specific yoga mats for under $30!

I would not really recommend buying a studio quality yoga mat for your child if they have only practiced the poses a few times; but rather, I would definitely reserve the mats of this quality for at least 1 year of practice.

Yoga Mats For Kids Are Usually About 48 Inches In Length

One may be wondering what the essential difference is between children’s mats and adult’s mats. The answer to that question is simple; the length and the cushioning of the mat. Most of the yoga mats that were designed for kids are about 48 inches long, which is definitely suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 14. A yoga mat should be long enough to lay flat on without your head or feet overhanging the boundaries of the mat. I believe that the models that are mentioned throughout the article would be ideal for any children that would like to practice yoga poses at the elementary school age.

It may be tempting to entirely take over the process of choosing a yoga mat for your child; however, you must remember that they will be the ones that are using it. It is absolutely fine for a parent to put in their two cents about which specific yoga mats for kids that they think are best; however, I feel that it is absolutely necessary for a child to make the final decision. In addition, I think that every child should also take into account the fact that their parents are going to be the ones that are paying for the mat, so it should be within the budget that they have set.