Yugioh is a trading card game adapted from the Japanese ‘manga’ series ― created by Kzauki Takahasi, a Japanese artist. The Yugioh card game is now called ‘Duel Monsters’ ― initially known as Magic and Wizards. It involves multiple players with each player using his/her Yugioh cards to contest with each other ― following a mock battle model.

The card strength depends on the empowerment it gives to the player, and the impact it has on the moves of the opponent.  The game depends on a combination of monsters and magic cards to overwhelm the opponent. Using the right card at the right time is the key to winning.

The Best Card

Although it is difficult to pinpoint any ‘one’ card as the best Yugioh card because it’s necessary to use different combinations to create a meaningful impact, Dark Armed Dragon is considered by many as the most influencing and top in the list of best Yugioh cards.

The Dark Armed Dragon Effect

The Dark Armed Dragon cannot be summoned in normal circumstances. The card can only be used ― once the player has 3 DARK monsters in the graveyard. If a player gets a Dark Deck, it almost becomes an obligation to use the Dark Armed Monster card. After a player has used it, he/she can destroy up to 3 cards of other players on the field.

Other Cards That Have An Impact

The impact of any card primarily depends on the stage during the play when it is used along with a combination of other cards. To pinpoint one card as the best may not be a fine idea, but some of the most effective cards used are White Horned Dragon, the Wicked Avatar, Jinzo and Gandora. All these have an impact; having the capability to destroy a most number of cards. This makes them strong contenders to get position in the list of best Yugioh cards.