Baby Connect Wins

If you've just welcomed a new member of the family, let me tell you about the best iPhone app for new parents I've found (and I've tried a lot!).  

baby connect app

Baby Connect iPhone App

This application does it all.  It monitors breast feeding times and frequency, it tracks diaper counts, it records sleep patterns, tracks height, weight, head size, body temperature, and about 15 other things.  Instead of rambling on and on (no, I don't work for this company), let me just share my five favorite features:

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1. Tracking Diapers and Feedings - In those early days after birth, pediatricians want to know how often your infant is breast feeding (or bottle feeding) and for how long.  Perhaps even more importantly, they want to know about dirty diapers, to make sure the baby is getting enough food.  Baby Connect makes this dead simple--hit a button to start a breast feeding timer and hit a button to stop.  When it's diaper time, it provides a high level of detail, including things like "small, medium, or large," stool color, stool consistency.  If you don't have a kid yet, you are thinking "gross! why do I want to track all that?"  If you already have a kid, you are thinking, "gross!, but yes, I see the value in having that information for the pediatrician."  Guess what...all of this information is charted and graphed.  Yeah, it doesn't get much better than charts about your infant's bowel movements, but maybe I'm more into stats than most people.  

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2. Height and Weight Tracking - Baby Connect makes it very easy to track your baby's height, weight, and head size.  These stats are important for both medical purposes (to make sure your baby is growing properly) and also for pure fun.  It's enjoyable to see how your little one progresses on the growth chart, in terms of percentile.  The chart below shows an example of the weight chart and you can see how the baby went from 5th percentile at birth to the 30th percentile by seven months of age.  

iphone app for new parents


3. Sync - If you have more than one person caring for the baby, you can use the app on multiple phones and it will automatically sync the data together.  This feature is simply awesome and a key reason why this is my selection for the best iPhone app for new parents.  When the baby is screaming during a diaper change, you'll want to record the information on whatever device is closest.  This is also handy if you have a caregiver who uses the app during the day while you are at work.  If you want to check in on baby, simple open the app on your phone and all of the baby's activities will quickly sync to your phone.  


4. Vaccine Tracking - Every time your baby gets a vaccine, simply enter the information into this handy application and you'll be able to keep track of what he/she has received.  This becomes very useful if you end up switching doctors and no one facility has a record of all vaccinations.  


5. Collaboration - I've already mentioned the ability to sync information across multiple phones and iPads, but this app also allows for other collaboration between parents or caregivers.  For example, you can leave a note in the app for another caregiver to see on their phone.  You can also share your location with another person, record drop-off and pick-up times.  Heck, you can even place a call right through the app to your parenting partner.  


There you have it.  Baby Connect is definitely the best iPhone app for new parents I've seen.  They've thought of it all and then some.  If you are a new parent, I highly recommend picking it up.  At the time of this article, it cost $4.99 and has been worth every penny for me and my wife.